Why Are You Ignoring Me?

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Chapter 171;

Laura;Hey Rik I'll be back


•Laura heads to Ross's room•

~Laura Knocks~

Ross;Come in

Laura;•opens the door & walks in• hey.

Ross;•stays quiet•

Laura;Why are you ignoring me ? is it because of what I told you earlier ?

Ross;*Just stays quiet*

Laura;Are you going to keep ignoring me?

Ross;*stays quiet*

Laura;Ugh I'm just waisting my time

Ross;I'm ignoring you because of what you said earlier , you don't know how much I like you . if you were in my shoes you would understand but seems like you don't

Laura;But you hurt me that's why I don't trust that you like me .

Ross;Can you just go ?

Laura;Okay then . that's what you want ? then that's what's gonna happen from this point on you & I are not friends or talking bye shor .

Ross;Okay bye

Laura;•slams the door•

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