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Chapter 320;

They Head Downstairs

Ross;Hey guys


Rydel;You all okay?

Laura;yeah theirs nothing wrong

Vanessa;That's great !

Ross;Oh fuck


Lizbeth Walks In

Lizbeth;hey guys Id like you to meet my new boyfriend Matt ,that's why I was out

Ratliff;Nice to meet you Matt

Matt;Hello everyone

Rydel;Hey where did yall go?

Rocky;Nosy much?

Lizbeth;it's okay we went to get some food

Matt;yup she's a great person

Riker;How cool now you won't be lonely liz

Lizbeth;I know right?




Ross;Hope is finally gonna leave me alone yes *happy*

Laura;That's amazing about time

Ross;I know look *shows her the text*

Hey ross I know you got your memory back i noticed this morning .I wanted to say that I'm finally gonna leave you alone. Wish you the best with laura and your baby. I'm sorry for everything I've done to you guys . goodbye

Riker;about dam time

Rydel;For a moment I thought lizbeth would go to hope

Rocky;Me too

Lizbeth;Why would I do that? I'm not that fucked up .

Lilly;okay guys calm it down a knot .

Ross:Well I'm gonna go in the extra room which is the 'hang out room'

Ratliff;Which we fixed up


Laura;Lets hit it get the baby monitors incase the babies wake up


They Start Heading To The Hang Out Room

Rydel;now that I remember mom and dad are coming back tomorrow

Ross;Yeah let's not speak about what happened

Riker;You know we're bad at keeping secrets

Laura;You should just tell

Rydel;I will tell them

Vanessa;Good cause you should

Rocky;Anyway so let's just talk

Riker;Okay about ?


Ratliff;Oh did we tell you that Rydel's and I's wedding is in 5 months?

Riker;why so long ?

Rydel;Cause all you are having your weddings too soon like Lilly's and Rocky's wedding is in a month then Vanessa's and Riker's is in three weeks

Ross;Mine and Laura's is in 3 months so we're gonna start seeing about it tomorrow

Laura;Anyone want to babysit ryder ?

Riker;Vanessa and I could


Vanessa;Yeah he's calm and we will need a bit of practice since ours is on our way

Rocky;No fair ! I wanted to watch ryder

Laura;Oh Rocky

Lilly;We can next time

Ross;Yeah next time Rocky ,what do you guys want a boy or girl ?

Riker;I want a girl

Vanessa:I want a boy

Ross;Ouch that's gonna be tough

Rocky;What about you Lilly ?

Lilly;Me what?

Rocky;What do you want a boy or girl ?

Lilly;maybe a girl

Rocky;Well okay

I hope you enjoyed sorry for a kinda boring chapter 😝😂.

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