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Chapter 120;

{They pull away}

Ross;Wow .. I forgot how that was

Laura;Me too. Ross ?


Laura;Can I tell you something?


Laura;I felt sparks in that kiss I don't know it sounds crazy but I think I still like you

Ross;I never stopped liking you. I felt sparks too . you know it's crazy it's like were meant to be.

Laura;Ross I like you

Ross;I like you too . will you be my girlfriend again ?

Laura;Ross Shor lynch is that a proper way to ask out a girl?

Ross;Your right *laughs* it's really dark you know what answer that question till the morning .

Laura;Okay . can I ask you something ?


Laura;What did you do when I ran away ?

Ross;I panicked I wanted to help look for you the same day you ran away Riker didn't let me nor Vanessa or Rydel . Imma let you In a little secret


Ross;I would look for you . I would sneak out in the night too look for you I went to old warehouses to see if you were their . an old shack I also went to the park I never found you .

Laura;Guess what Shor ?

Ross;What ?

Laura;I was at the park living their

Ross;really ?

Laura;Yeah I was in the cabin . The only reason I came back was cause Riker had found me . I had no other choice & well I wanted to come back to see all of you .

Ross;Wow I'm glad you came back though . you know that right ?

Laura;Yes .why did you get jealous when I fell on top of Riker?

Ross;Umm cause it was my brother & it was you I really thought you would fall for him after that. do you really like him?

Laura;Well yeah a little bit .

Ross;Oh you want to know who that song was for.?

Laura;Which one ? the one you sang yesterday ?

Ross;yes .

Laura;Ohh no i don't know who It was for

Ross;I'll give you a hint she's amazing , smart , perfect ,stunning , flawless , adorable , pretty , & has ombré highlights

Laura;Awe Ross stop .

Ross;That song was about you .

Laura;Awe Ross your so sweet

Ross;Well what can I say you drive me crazy

Laura;Awee stop

Ross;Want to go to sleep we have a busy day tomorrow .

Laura;Sure *pecks his lips* for now were friends with benefits .

Ross;Okay goodnight my Laur

Laura;goodnight Prince Charming

*They fell asleep*

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