Raura;Case done?

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Chapter 85;

Ross;Laura can we ask you something ?

Laura;What is it?

Ross;Was it josh that hit you in the head?

Laura;I think so I don't know look Ross josh is tall & buff so was that guy . Wait it was him Ross he's back . no Ross I can't I'm scared

Ross;It was ?!? *mad* he's dead .

Stormie;Let's go home we'll finish packing tomorrow let's talk about this at our house


*they head to the Lynch's*

Vanessa;Describe the person Laura .

Laura;Well he was tall deep voice buff

Vanessa;It is Joshua oh damn. Ross we need to keep Laura safe

Ryland;Look we'll set up cameras up in the house so let's see if he or Anna come near we'll catch them on the spot .

Ratliff;Good point

Rocky;Anna will come back no matter what

Mark;So how are we going to do this ?

Ross;We'll train to fight

Vanessa;No matter how hard we try to train they'll win

Riker;Are you being negative ?

Vanessa;No I just know because josh was a fighter back than

Laura;Vanessa's right I have to face him myself .

Mark & Stormie;no Laura

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!