She Broke Down

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Chapter 264;

Vanessa;Hi I'm Vanessa your girlfriend .

Ross;I'm your younger brother ross.

Mark;I'm Mark your father

Rocky;I'm Rocky your third to the youngest brother

Ryland;I'm ryland your baby bro

Laura;I'm laura ross's fiancé

Stormie;I'm stormie your mother .

Riker;& who are those cute girls?

Rocky;back off that's Lilly my girlfriend .

Ryland;you have your own girlfriend this one is mine which is savannah

Ross;You have another sister she just went into labor which is going back home today in 30 mins

Riker;What's her name?

Rocky;Her name is Rydel .

Riker;What did she have ?

Ryland;a girl


Mark;& the guy that got her pregnant is your closest friend Ratliff

Riker;Okay so why am I here?

Ross;You got in a car accident

Riker;Oh okay . How old am I ?

Ross;23 {A/N in the story he's 23 already}

Riker;Okay .

Ryland;When can he go home?

Stormie;Before the doctor left he said he can leave in an hour .

Ross;Okay well Rocky lets go talk to Rydel .

Riker;who's rydel ?

Laura;Your sister .

Riker;ah okay .Wait aren't you my girlfriend ?

Ross;No .No . No . That's my fiancé your girlfriend is her *pointing at vanessa*

Riker;Oh okay .wello hello their *flirty smile* you are one cute cupcake . can I call you that ?


Ross;Okay were gonna go Laura lets go also you Rocky

Rocky;Okay Lilly I'll be right back .


Rocky;You know what lets just go

They Head To Rydel's Room

Ratliff;hey guys how's riker?

Ross;Not good

Rydel;What do you mean ?

Rocky;He has cuts on his face . He had glass in his shoulder skin .

Ross;He almost broke his ankle , for now he just sprained it. He also has bandages all over his side of his stomach because he had a glass of the window stuck

Laura;Mainly he Umm lost his memory

Rydel;What ? *tears streaming down her face* I told you this is all my fault ratliff .

Ratliff;No sweetie it's not . trust me

Things like this happen for a reason

Lilly;Look I don't really know you but he has a point your brother may be in a hospital bed right now with memory loss but he'll be okay . Things like this do happen for a reason ,maybe a good one or maybe a bad one . You shouldn't blame yourself . It's not your fault . we all make mistakes & when something bad happens we think it's our fault .

Rydel;Thanks that helped me .who are you anyway? *smiles*

Lilly;My name is Lilly I'm rocky's girlfriend

Rydel;Welcome to the family

Ratliff;Get dressed I'll get Rosalie dressed . Were gonna go to Riker's room


Ross;Well wait so we can take you

Laura;Can I help change Rosalie.?

Ratliff;Sure I'll go help Rydel change


Ratliff;Shut up *punches his arm playfully*

10 Minuets Later

Ratliff;Okay I already went to check you out so let's go

Rydel;Okay walk slow

Rocky;You old women

Rydel;Shut up you goof ball

They Head To Riker's Room

Ross;Okay we're back

Mark;How'd she take the news ?

Ratliff;She broke down

Rocky;But Lilly made her realize it wasn't her fault

Riker;Who are you?

Ratliff;I'm Ratliff your closest friend

Riker;Oh okay .

Stormie;Where is she anyway?

Ross;Outside she's not ready to come in

Ryland;Where's laura?


Savannah;She needs time doesn't she?


Riker;Who are you guys talking about ?

Rydel walks in

Rydel;Hi Riker .

Riker;Uh hi .?

Rydel;*starts crying*

Riker;Why are you crying ? your too beautiful to be crying like that .

Ross;That's your sister.

Riker;Oh well hi

Rydel;I'm sorry.


Rydel;I'm the reason your in here & the reason your like this *leaves crying*

Ratliff;Can you guys watch Rosalie I'll be back



Seems like Rydel isn't taking this too well😪

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