Settling In

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Chapter 246;

Ross;Okay you guys ready.?

Ratliff;Theirs one more box in Laura's Room .

Ross;I'll go get it delly & Laura go in the van .

Riker;Rocky let's go . well follow you guys .

Mark;Okay drive safe .

Rocky;We will

Ross;Okay here we go . Let's go mom get in .

Stormie;Okay .

They Head To The Place

Riker;God Dam this house is nice as hell !

Rocky;For reals

Ryland;I'm gonna be here often

Riker;I agree

Ross;you guys are welcome any time

Stormie;Thanks ross .let's get you guys settled in

Laura;What do Rydel & I do ?

Ross;Go inside

Ratliff;choose a room for the baby delly .


Laura;I'm gonna go up to the room ross & I chose. Then choose the babies room


Few Hours Later


Mark;Okay guys were gonna leave Rocky Riker & ryland let's go

Riker;Okay bye guys see you tomorrow we'll come by

Rocky;Take care guys ! you'll be missed in the house

Ryland;Bye laur & delly , guys take good care of them .

Ross;Okay will do man . see you Guys


Stormie;okay guys you better take care . I love you all bye

They Leave

Ratliff;Okay guys well let's get started

Ross;One thing I hate about moving

Rydel;Yeah same here


Laura;Like brother like sister , but you guys are cute

Rydel;We know

Laura;haha wow . Is anyone else hungry ?

Ross;I am

Rydel;Same here

Rydel;Let's order pizza I haven't ate that in a while


Ratliff;Pizza it is . okay well ross & I are gonna unpack so Laura or delly order the pizza



Sorry for the boring chapter ! I'll update tomorrow & sorry it was short

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