Would You?

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Chapter 295;
Riker;Okay what did you need to talk to us about ?

Ross;I'd prefer for us too sit


They All Sit
Lizbeth;Okay so what now ?

Ross;Okay so what I wanted to talk about was Laura .

Lilly;Okay what about her ?

Ross;So you know how she didn't have a baby shower .


Ross;Well I want to throw her a 'welcome home party'

Vanessa;Really ross ? That's all you pulled us out for?

Ross;not only that


Ross;I also wanted to talk to you guys about Hope

Ratliff;Why Hope ?

Ross;So technically laura might leave me because of what happened

Ryland;Leave ?

Ross;Yeah as in leaving me

Rydel;Wait then why did she say she loved you in the room ?

Ross;I know she loves me she just wants to clear her mind out . We were talking about that well before she gave birth , I wanted to clear things out with Hope

Riker;& how can we help ?

Ross;Well I don't know that's why I called you guys out , look I don't want too loose my child & laura . I'm gonna fight for her i just need to prove to her that I'm not the father or hope's baby .

Rocky;I have an idea

Ryland;which is ?

Rocky;Okay so you know how when Hope was younger she liked Riker but Riker never did ?

Riker;what does that have to do with what we're talking about ?

Lilly;Oh I see what Rocky is trying to say is that you should go to Hope's house

Vanessa;No way in hell that's Happening

Savannah;Why is Riker gonna go to Hope's house ? Wouldn't she just make up another lie about ross or Riker ?

Rocky;I'm trying to say that we should put Riker up too it , you know so he can clear things out . My plan or idea is that Riker should go to Hope's house ask her a few questions about what happened & in the end he will ask her if ross is the father of her baby .

Ratliff;I see

Rydel;I think we should give that a try

Ross;Yeah. Would you ?

Riker;If it's for your families sake then I'll do it

Vanessa;Okay just don't do nothing stupid

Riker;Trust me I won't


Rocky;Okay so Riker is your phone low battery or ?

Riker;No it's up too 80%

Rocky;Okay your gonna need it


Ross;So you can record her saying it's not my child


Lilly;Do you think it's a full proof plan?

Savannah;I believe it is


Ross;Okay I'll give you her address

Riker;okay you owe me big time Rocky !

Rocky;Sorry I'm just trying to help out ross so he can live happily ever after with Laura

Riker;Okay then your going with me


Ross;Okay here you go .Lilly , Savannah , Ryland , Lizbeth ,Rydel ,Vanessa & Ratliff go in the room already . Here you go Riker *hands him a paper*


Riker;Thanks Rocky & I will be back

Ross;Be careful

Will The Plan Work ? 😏
Stay Tuned👍.

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