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Chapter 75;

-With the Maranos-

Vanessa; I'm going to shower Laur so we can sleep early cause our flight leaves at 4:30 in the morning .

Laura;Why so early?

Vanessa;I don't know Ask Riker

Laura;okay just go shower

Vanessa;okay I'll be back *leaves*

-Knock at door-

*Laura gets up to open it*

???;I warned you *hits Laura in the head*

Laura's POV

I saw a black shadow at the door all I remember the person hit me with something & I blanked out

-With the Lynch's-

Ross;Riker let's go


{They walk over to the Maranos}

Riker;*knocks* no ones answering

Ross;Check if it's locked

Riker;*turns the door knob* it's open *shocked* oh my god !!!


Riker;Where's Vanessa?

Ross;I don't know *crying*

Riker;*shouts* VANESSA!!!!

Vanessa's POV

I heard screaming downstairs so I hurried I changed & I can't believe what I saw

Vanessa;*crying*w-w-what happened??

Ross;I don't know let's take her to the hospital Riker call mom & dad so they can hurry to come back also our siblings to meet us at the hospital .

Riker;I'm on it

*Calls Rydel*


Riker;Delly go to the hospital take Rocky & the rest contact mom & dad

Rydel;Why what's wrong??

Riker;Laura she's unconscious

Rydel;Oh my god okay I'm on my way *hangs up* . Ratliff ! Rocky ! get in the car right now Laura is in the hospital

*Ross got to the hospital*

Ross;Help my girlfriend is unconscious !!!

Doctor;*Rushes* what happened ??

Ross;I don't know we got to her house when we got their she was unconscious & not breathing

Doctor;*tells the nurses* take her to the ER



Stay tuned for the next chapter !(:

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