Happy Birthday Ross

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Chapter 194;

Stormie;This was good food I'm just full

Laura;Same here.

Rydel;We should take it to go

Mark;yeah well the waiter is coming

Rocky;You guys do know that in 2 hours it's Ross's birthday

Riker;We all know that

Waiter;Here's your receipt & would you like to take this to go ?

Ratliff;Yes please


Mark;here you go *hands the money*

Waiter;Okay I'll be back *leaves*

Ryland;What are we going to do for Ross's birthday?


Ross;awe man well that sucks


Rocky;Sucks to be you

Ratliff;Don't be rude

Rydel;That's not being rude

Ratliff;In my point of view it is rude


The waiter comes back

Waiter;here you go

Mark;thank you so much

Waiter;No problem have a good night

They leave & get home

Mark;Okay everyone go to bed cause tomorrow's a long day


Stormie;Goodnight guys sweet dreams


The next morning

Laura;*kisses Ross*

Ross;*wakes up*

Laura;Good morning birthday boy

Ross;Good morning you don't know awesome it feels to wake up next to you

Laura;awe well get up cause your mom & dad are downstairs along with your sister & brothers

Ross;Okay I'm gonna change

Laura;Okay I'll be downstairs

Laura heads downstairs

Stormie;Okay rocky & Riker I'm gonna need you here

Riker;For ?

Mark;Ross's surprise birthday party it's just going to be us


Stormie;Ryland & Ratliff you guys take Ross out


Ratliff;Well take him to the arcade

Stormie;Rydel & Laura your gonna be here to help the boys decorate

Mark;What about me ?

Stormie;Your going to make the barbecue


Ross comes down

Mark;Happy Birthday Ross

Ross;Thanks dad

Stormie;Happy birthday baby I love you *hugs him*

Ross;awe thanks mom i love you too

Riker;Happy birthday


Rocky;Happy birthday

Ross;Thanks rocky

Rydel;Happy birthday baby bro

Ross;Thanks sis

Ratliff;Happy birthday hurry & eat

Ross;Thanks & why?

Ryland;Were taking you to the arcade just us 3 by the way happy birthday

Ross;Okay thanks guys

Ryland;No problem

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