Ratliff's Propsal

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Chapter 240;

Ryland;Okay I'm gonna get everyone's attention *heads back to the Dj set & gets the microphone* okay hi everybody good afternoon well I want everyone's attention right now . I want Rydel right here in the middle & sit on the chair . I really want you guys to pay attention that's all I'm asking for so with that being said Ratliff wants to say a few words .

Ratliff;*gets the microphone* hey everyone I wanted to thank you guys for coming out today & support me to do this baby shower for my lovely girlfriend . I mainly want to thank my second family which are the Lynchs without you guys this wouldn't be happening right now . Okay so I'm gonna cut to the chase so everyone can have fun . So I wanted to say this to Rydel . Where can I start those beautiful eyes of yours tell me your in love with me . Every time you smile & look at me in the eyes I melt inside . Your hugs & kisses make me feel alive . I've known you since the longest & I'm glad to call you mine . I remember when I told you I had a crush on you we were at the mall I told you & you were shocked ,but I'm glad you said yes to being my girlfriend .I'm glad that nothing came between us . When I found out you were pregnant I was really happy , because your the girl I've waited for my entire life . Your like no other .Your beautiful delly . I hope from right here nothing changes .I wanted to thank your parents for creating an amazing girl like you ! Rydel I don't know what I'll do with out you or our daughter that's coming on the way , but this is what I want for both of us . I want us to be together forever & have more kids . Rydel Mary Lynch Will You Do Me The Honor Of Marrying Me? *gets in one knee*

Rydel;Oh my god Ratliff . Yes 1 million times yes I'll marry you *kisses him*

Everyone;Awe .

Ross;You guys are cute man !

Mark;My daughter is not gonna be a lynch no more ...

Rydel;Awe dad but I'll always be your little girl

Mark;Yeah it gets me sad to see you grow up

Stormie;Hey it's okay as long as she's happy I'll be happy . Awe Laura is that a proposal ring ?

Ross;Yup you guys missed it I proposed yesterday

Riker;Yeah it was out of the no where

Rocky;still cute though

Mark;Congrats guys !

Stormie;You'll 4 be wonderful parents

Ross;Yeah we will .

Ratliff;Lets go get this started

Ross;Okay let's go !


Sorry for the short chapter . I hope you enjoy it though ☺️!

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