Oh my god

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Chapter 101;

*They arrive at home*

Riker;Hold on let me see if their In the family room .


Riker;It's clear come in .

Laura;Alright *sits down*

Riker;*screams* Everyone come down I have something to say

Ross;What do yo- *eyes widen* Laura!!!!!!

Laura;*stays quiet*

Stormie;Wait is that you Laura ??? *shocked*

Laura;Yes it's me mom *tears of joy*

Mark;We've been looking for you we missed you

Rocky;Oh my god Laura !!!!

Rydel;oh she's back *sarcasm* yay

Riker;What's your problem against her now?

Rydel;My problem is that she's gonna tear the family apart again

Riker;Just shut up & go to your room

Laura;No Riker let her talk I could care less . if she thinks I'm gonna tear the family apart let her think that but all she needs to know is that I really did love her as a sister but not anymore she finally showed her true colors . so she shouldn't talk about me when she has to clear her own act up

Rydel;*stays quiet*

Ratliff;Laura ? *happy*

Laura;Hey Ratliff *hugs him*

Ryland;Omg Laura's back !!!!

Vanessa;Who's back? *sees Laura* oh she's back I see well I have to go bye

Riker;Just ignore her

Laura;I know. Anyways I've missed you guys except Rydel , Ross , Vanessa ....

Stormie;Sweetheart we understand that they've hurt you & Riker but just put it aside

Riker;Yeah if you want go put your stuff in the guest room & fix it


*Laura goes upstairs to the guest room*

Laura's POV

I'm back at a place I can call home. I'm glad I'm back but at the same time no because theirs going to be a lot of drama now that I'm here but that's why I can solve things myself. I started fixing my stuff until someone knocked

Laura;Come in

*The door opens*

Laura;What do you want Ross ?

Ross;Look Laura I'm really sorry my intention wasn't to break up with you I just got really jealous & I couldn't handle the fact that you fell on top of my brother.

Laura;Ross I'm going to tell you one thing I'm over you . I don't like you no more . I don't want to have to do nothing with you . you & I are not happening any time soon. you broke my heart 2x I can't be with a person that'll probably have the intention to do it again.

Ross;But Laura I still like you I mean what am I supposed to do with out you .

Laura;I don't know but you & Vanessa seem like a couple so go back to your girlfriend *walks away*


Laura's back home . let's see what'll happen between Vanessa , Riker , Ross & Laura .

Stay tuned for the next chapter !!(:

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