My Decision

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Chapter 300;

3 days have passed Laura is finally out of the hospital Riker picked her up from the hospital because Ross wasn't ready to face Laura knowing she was gonna leave & take Ryder

At Home in Lauras room

Vanessa;So are you actually going to leave ?



Laura;Look ness I'm gonna leave but not for long , as soon as my minds made up I'll come back

Vanessa;Where are you going to stay ?

Laura;Don't worry about it

Vanessa;You just got out of the hospital don't tell me your gonna leave when your not even recovered

Laura;One thing

Vanessa;What ?

Laura;My decision . This is what I decided .

Vanessa;I just want you to be sure about it , look I don't want you to go .

Laura;You didn't listen to me when you were going back to New York did you ?

Vanessa;No but I di-

Laura;Exactly so now let me be I want to start fresh again

Vanessa;Okay I respect your decision. *leaves*

Ross's POV
Laura got home eventually ever since I left I haven't seen my son . Sadly I'm not gonna see him for 1 week or 2. it sucks because I was really hoping to be with Ryder & Laura every second but I guess not . Riker had been keeping me updated about Laura today she leaves I don't know where & I maybe guess this is the last day I ever see her . I went downstairs to see Rydel & Vanessa crying yup she's actually leaving she has her bags packed along with Ryder's . this is possibly the last day I ever see my son. Riker gave Laura her car keys . I want to break down & cry but I can't anymore .

Rocky;Were really going to miss you , you be safe out their .

Laura;Will do . *whispers something to Rocky*

Rocky;Don't worry about it I'll give it to Riker

Laura;Here *hands him something* now you be good to lilly hopefully you guys don't let nothing come in between you

Lilly;Laura I'm gonna miss you so much you were a really great friend *hugs her*you take good care of Ryder

Laura;Of course I'm not gonna let nothing happen to my baby boy .

Riker;Okay Laura hopefully we see you soon

Laura;Yeah hopefully .

Ryalnd;If anything just contact us . okay? I'm really going to miss you .

Laura;I'm gonna miss all of you

Rydel;*crying* I'm gonna miss you especially your presence in this house .

Laura;I'll text you okay ?


Ratliff;It was great knowing you

Laura;I'm not leaving forever

Ratliff;Thanks for letting me look out for you

Laura;No problem thanks for being a brother

Ratliff;Don't worry about it that's why I asked you . Just take care

Laura;Will do

Ross;I'm really-

Laura;Okay bye guys

Ross;*sighs & leaves back to his room*

With that ross left crying to his room . He was upset. Laura said her last goodbye to lizbeth ,Savannah , & Vanessa was last .as soon as laura walked out that door they broke down . Riker Ratliff , Ryalnd & Rocky had a private about what Laura had said .

Laura actually left 😪.
I wonder what she told Rocky & what she gave him😱.
Stay tuned😋😝.

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