Your Joking

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Chapter 104;

Riker;Yeah I like Laura

Laura;Awe *blushes*

Vanessa;This has to be a joke *mad*

Riker;This is no joke I do like her I know I'm old for her but age is overrated

Ross;Your kidding me it's not like she's going to get with you Riker !

Laura;Ross your wrong . I may have feelings for Riker to

Vanessa;That's gross ! your going to get with an older person

Riker; & you don't think it's gross to get with a younger person? yeah that's what I thought

Ross;Laura please tell me your lying you can't like Riker

Laura;That's my problem to fix & their my feelings not yours.

Ross;Whatever then.

Riker;Your just mad that she chose me over you . Ross you lost a great girl your just blind to realize it

*Rydel comes down*

Rydel;Hey guys where's Laura ?

Riker;Right here why?

Rydel;Hey Laur can we talk?

Laura;Sure what is it?

Rydel;I just wanted to apologize for being a jerk you really are like a sister to me too. you made me realize how rude & mean I was to you I hope you can forgive me * half smiles *

Laura;Of course I forgive you *hugs her*

Rydel;Yay so what's up what going on here?

Riker;Nothing where's Ratliff ?

Rydel;He's upstairs in my room we were just watching tv but I came to get juice & since I saw Laura here I wanted to take advantage & apologize

Riker;Okay cool hey do you & Ratliff want to come by to go buy food so we can watch movies in the screening room?

Rydel;Yeah sure just let me tell him

Laura;Cool well wait in the car


*Rydel heads upstairs *

Ross;So you guys are leaving alright bye

*Riker & Laura leave*

~Ratliff & Rydel come down~

Vanessa;Your a trader Rydel

Ratliff;Hey shut up you really need help !

Rydel;You should be the one that has to fix her attitude bye

*Ratliff & Rydel head to the car*


Rydel finally apologized what'll happen between Riker & Laura ?

Stay tuned for the next chapter

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