Calling The Rest Of The Family

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Chapter 365;

(At the Lynch's house)

Rocky;I got a question

Riker;Okay which is?

Rocky;Is ross gonna have a bachelors party?

Ratliff;I don't know it's up to him

Lilly;Really? You guys are already talking about the bachelor party?

Ryland;Of course

Savannah;You guys better not bring inappropriate girls

Ryland;Who says we were?

Rocky;We weren't even planning on doing that

Rydel;Sure knowing you guys , your capable of anything

Vanessa;If laura finds out on the type of bachelor party you wanna throw ross you should start digging your grave

Riker;Never mind

(Knock at the door)

Stormie;I'll get it (opens the door)

Ross;Hey mom (pecks her cheek & hugs her)

Laura;Hey stormie

Stormie;Hey their your just in time I was gonna call the rest of the family


Stormie;come in take a seat

(They go inside)

Ross;Hey everyone


Stormie;I'm gonna be back I'll be in the kitchen calling the family back in Colorado . (Heads in the kitchen)

Mark;Hey guys & I'll go with you Stormie (heads in the kitchen with Stormie)

Ross;So are you guys excited to have our minis over ?


Laura;(confused) what minis ?

Riker;Oh right you don't know about them well we have minis which we call mini R5 all the R5 Family knows about them

Ross;Well go in order & tell you who are our minis

Rydel;Yeah their supper cool

Riker;Okay so my minis name is Boston

Ratliff;Mine is Gus

Rydel;My mini is Beauty she's very adorable

Rocky;My mini is Gordy

Ross;My mini is Gator which he's pretty awesome

Ryland;& last but not least my mini is Gil B

Laura;That's so cool

Lilly;Yeah , how did the cake teasing go?

Ross;It went great

Laura;Did you guys find a hair stylist ?

Savannah;yeah her name Is Jenny (a/n that's thee first name that popped into my head)

Riker;Yeah she showed us pictures of hair styles she's done & their very awesome

Laura;Wait all of you went?

Rocky;hell yeah we did

Vanessa;Your gonna love her


Rydel;When does ryder make a month ?

Ross;In 2 days

Rydel;how cute

Ratliff;Rosalies growing up fast

Rydel;That's the circle of life

Vanessa;That's true wait how many months is Rosalie ?

Ratliff;2 month with 3 weeks

Riker;Wow I'm surprised you kept track


Ratliff;What I'm responsible

Ross;Yeah you are alright

Ratliff;I am you've seen me I sometimes bathe her or change her diaper

Rocky;Wow finally

Ratliff;Just shut it

Rydel;at least he's more responsible than all you idiots

Rocky;(pretends to be offended) well I see !

Riker;No were more responsible

Ross;Says the one that lost the neighbors dog when you were gonna take it on a walk


Riker;We weren't supposed to speak about that

Rydel;See I told you

Savannah;Yup Riker your very responsible

Riker;I am !

Ryland;were are you taking laura on your honeymoon?

Ross;It's only for me to know .

Rocky;Yeah right we'll find out

Laura;I want to know

Ross;Your not knowing until the night of the honeymoon

Laura;Ehh it was worth a shot

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