This is not happening

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Chapter 152;

Ross;Dr.Martin this is not happening tell me this is not true . that's my older brother over their in that room ! including my baby sister my one & only sister ! you have to do something •Tears in his eyes•

Dr. Martin;Okay we can do an operation keep your fingers crossed it will take a while .

Laura;Thanks .

Dr.Martin;No problem •leaves•

Ross;Do you think we should call Ratliff ?

Laura;Yeah cause his girlfriend is here so call him

Ross;okay •gets his phone & calls Ratliff•


Ross;Hey Ellington

Ratliff;what's up bro? you okay you seem kinda down .

Ross;Okay Ratliff I'm gonna tell you something just don't freak out

Ratliff;Tell me I'm already curious !

Ross;Okay well see that Rydel called Riker to go pick her up because chubs wasn't working & you got sick .?

Ratliff;Yeah? don't tell me Riker caught her cheating

Ross;No my sister isn't like that . Laura got a call earlier saying that Umm well Riker & Rydel got into a car accident .

Ratliff;What?? no this isn't happening ! I'll be their

Ross;okay well hurry bye

*End of convo*

Laura;So ?

Ross;He's on his way.

Laura;what time is it?

Ross;It's 6.

Laura;I'm starving

Ross;Me too do you want something to eat?

Laura;No thanks i'd rather wait


-15 minutes later Ratliff arrives-

Ratliff;Where is she?

Ross & Laura;operation room

Ratliff;Okay *sits down* I hope she turns out okay .

Ross;Yeah me too.

Laura;also Riker . they'll be okay.

~an hour later~

Dr. Martin;Lynch's?

Ross;Yes doctor?

Dr.Martin;okay the operation worked on one person but failed on the other

Ratliff;Who did it fail on?

Laura;Let him talk


Dr.Martin;It worked on Riker but failed on Rydel .

Ratliff & Ross;........

~To be continued~

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