Your Really Going To Do That?

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Chapter 187;

Ross;Hey guys

Riker;What's up ?

Ross;Well I Umm want to propose to Laura

Ratliff;your really going to do that?

Ross;Yes I mean why not shes pregnant I love her & I really want to be with her forever

Riker;Well you should follow your heart you want to take advantage & go look for a ring ?


~The boys get ready & Head to a jewelry store~

Lady;How may I help you ?

Ross;Were looking for a proposal ring

Lady;Well okay I'm Cassandra & I'll help you out today so how would you like the ring?

Ross;I would want it like a normal proposal ring I would want a date written on it

Cassandra;Okay here I'll show you some

Riker;She's pretty cute

Ratliff;haha Riker

Ross;Ask for her #

Riker;I don't even know how old she is

Ratliff;Here I got you . Cassandra you look really young to be working how old are you?

Cassandra;I just turned 19. Okay so here are the rings

Ross;I like that one

Cassandra;This one is really nice what date do you want engraved ?

Ross;well I want it for December 29 cause that's when I'm proposing

Cassandra;Okay I'll do that it will take a while

Ross;Thank you

~Few minutes later Cassandra give Ross the ring ~

Cassandra; okay so that'll be it ?


Riker;Can I have your #?

Cassandra;For ?

Riker;We should hang out sometime

Cassandra;Uhh okay *gets a piece of paper & writes her #*


{Ross pays & They leave}

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