We miss you

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Chapter 154;

Rydels POV

I can hear Ratliff & Ross . I love you too Ratliff . I try to wake up but I can't . I want him to know how much I love him .

-3 days later-

Ross;Wow I can't believe it's been 3 days & Rydel is still in a coma ...

Riker;Everything's different

Ratliff;She'll wake up trust we have to be positive .

Ross;It's almost my birthday oh yeah

Riker;Yeah parents are almost coming too.

Ross;I know

Laura;your getting old *laughs*

Ross;But you can't resist me

Laura;oh yeah keep wishing

Ross;haha are you guys hungry?



Ross;you guys are lame

Laura;& your not?

Riker & Ratliff;ooo you go girl

Ross;be quiet

Laura;Make me

Ross;oh really *gets her & kisses her*

Laura;•pulls away•

Ross;That's right

{10 minutes later they were on their phones & Riker was watching tv}

Ratliff;•looks at Rydel• I miss Rydel

Ross;I do too

Rydel;I-I missed y-you guys too •weakly•

Laura & the rest; •eyes widen• rydel?

Rydel;Hey guys •weak smile•

Ratliff;Your back

Riker;I would go hug you but I can't .

Ross;Rydel I've missed you so much

Laura;We all did I'm glad your back


Rydel is back :D

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!