Raura;Going Home

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Chapter 78;

Ross's POV;

I woke up early at 5:15 in the morning I couldn't sleep no more because knowing that the love of my life won't remember me for a while is going to suck but I'm going to try to make the best out of it. I can't deal with this situation though.... I have to find out who did this ...

Laura;Ross are you awake ?

Ross yes I am why what's wrong ? what hurts ? do you need the doctor ?I'll go get him right now

Laura;*giggles* no I wanted to see if you can text my sister to come get me because I don't want to be here the hospital gives me the creeps

Ross;Okay good. yeah sure I'll call her right now *dials Vanessa's number*

-Vanessa's & Ross's convo-


Ross;Hey Vanessa

Vanessa;oh hey Ross what's up? why are you awake this early ? did something happen to Laura? I'll be their soon

Ross;Calm down nothing's wrong I'm awake cause I couldn't sleep no more & my princess woke up she wanted you to come check her out of the hospital she doesn't want to be here no more.

Vanessa;Okay thanks for watching over her Ross I appreciate it I'll be their In 10 mins.

Ross;It's my job & okay we'll be waiting be careful while your coming bye

Vanessa;Thanks & bye.

*They hang up*


Ross;She's on her way

Laura;Okay so tell me how we met .

Ross;Well you moved in into my neighborhood. My mom wanted Rydel & I to invite you over to dinner so you can meet our family. Well my sister & I went we knocked on your front door . You opened it we greeted you & gave you cookies . also we invited you over you said sure so you & your sis showed up . You ate got to know us stayed the night you slept with me days passed I asked you to be my girlfriend but then things went wrong well our relationship kinda fell apart because of Anna we ended up -*gets interrupted by a knock at the door*

Laura;Can you get it ?


*opens the door*

Ross;Hey Vanessa come in

Vanessa;Thanks here go get dressed Laur were going home

Ross;We should help her get up

Vanessa;Good idea *They help Laura *

-5 mins later-

Laura;All set let's go home

Ross;Great I'll call Riker to pick me up

Vanessa;No were taking you let's go help Laura walk


*They head to the car*

-Ross opens the door-

Laura;Why thank you

Ross;No problem

Vanessa;Okay you guys ready?

Ross & Laura;Yes

Vanessa;Let's go .

*They head home*


Have you guys seen the new R5 video? :D
It was amazing

Also the vamps video ! Laura looked gorgeous !!! 💘

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