Raura;Break up?

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Chapter 46;

Ross;*goes to Anna hugs her & picks her up* Laura I told you not to fight her

Laura;You still care about her that's why ?

Ross;No I don't I just didn't want you getting hurt

Laura;Well do you see me hurt?

Ross;No but still

Anna;Leave your girlfriend alone I have a surprise for her

Laura;Shut up !

Anna;*laughs evilly*

Laura;You seriously have to go to a hospital cause your crazy

Ross;Laura ! their cut it out !!!

Rydel;Why are you screaming at Laura? You still like Anna I know you do !

Ross;*stays quiet*

Laura;Don't worry about it I think Ross & I aren't going to work out

Ross;What are you saying?

Laura;You still have feelings for Anna. Ross it's over bye *walks away*

Ratliff;See what you did Anna !

Anna;It's not my fault I'm better than her !

Rydel;Just shut up & go home we've had enough of your bull shit

Anna;what ever (leaves)

{Ross's POV;I cant believe I blew my chance with Laura ... She meant everything but it's true why was I protecting Anna & yelling at Laura? Do I still like her?}

*At home with the rest*

Riker;Hey Laura what's wrong why are you crying ?

Laura;I broke up with Ross & Riker here *hands the necklace promise ring & bracelet*

Riker;Then your not joking sorry Laur


Rocky;What happened ???

Laura;I think you should ask Ross cause I'm out of here bye Nessa I'm going home give me the keys I don't wanna stay here

Vanessa;Yeah sure here *hands the keys*

Laura;Thanks see tomorrow morning goodnight

Vanessa;I'll go with you *pecks Riker on the lips* I'll see you tomorrow sweetie & tell your brother to clear his bull shit up !

Riker;No problem sweet heart okay bye

*Ross & the rest get home*

Rydel;Your a jerk Ross you hurt Laura!!!

Ross;I didn't mean to

Riker;Here *hands him the stuff* you seriously messed up with her I hope your happy Ross

Ross;Shut up it's not my fault she's to fragile & can't handle anything !

Rydel;She can't handle nothing ?Then why did she fight with Anna !?Tell me why !? because she truly likes you !!! but you weren't protecting Laura you protected Anna Ross !!! get your things straight !

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