Enjoying The Rest Of The Day

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Chapter 241;

Ross;The food was good

Rydel;It sure was !

Ryland;Okay it's time for the cake & then your presents.

Stromie;Okay sweetheart your cake is on the table.

Rydel;I wanna see !

Laura;It's really cute

Rocky;Yeah Ratliff did a great job on actually ordering it.

Rydels POV

As I headed to see the cake Ratliff got .I really started to tear up . It was a picture of us . It was when we went to do our family photo shoot . I literally cried . It made me really happy . I decided to give Ratliff a hug but I couldn't hug him tight cause of my baby bump . I'm glad we are raising a family together .

Ratliff;Hey sweet heart it's okay

Rydel;I just love it so much thank you

Ross;Awe !

Mark;Okay time to cut the cake riker do you Mind getting the presents & putting them near Rydel's chair so she can open them ?

Riker;Sure thing dad .Rocky want to help ?


Laura;Okay stormie I'll help you cut the cake .Ross & Mark can you & ross pass out the slices ?



Stormie & Laura started cutting to cake while Mark & ross started passing out the slices to everyone . Rocky & Riker finished taking the presents to Rydel

Mark;okay let's get started

Ross;Well let's get this started .


Rydel Opened Rocky's present 1st. Rocky gave Rydel a baby blanket with a bib that said "Daddies Girl" . Riker gave Rydel baby toys & box of diapers .Laura gave Rydel a pink onsie with white polka dots & a small purple pillow . Ross gave Rydel a bag full of bibs & baby bottles. Mark & Stormie gave Rydel a baby bag with a purple onsie that said "Mommies Princess". Ryland gave Rydel a few baby toys with 3 baby bottles & a baby blue onsie . Cheryl & George gave Rydel a stroller . Ratliff surprised Rydel with a baby crib which was pink . Rylands friends gave Rydel a gift card to Babies R Us .


Hey guys well I'm really happy today !! ☺️. I'm thinking about making a sequel for this story since this book is almost done . Comment what you think .

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