Why Would You Tell Her That?

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Chapter 260;

Vanessa;Riker wait .

Riker;Not now ness , I'm done with rydel .

I didn't like what she said .

Vanessa;Riker let me talk ! I understand because that's how over protective I am with Laura , don't you see your family loves & cares about you .

Riker;That doesn't mean she had to say all that . She shouldn't have said that in front of you.

Vanessa;It doesn't give you the right to tell her that ! Look Riker you shouldn't have said that ,that was kinda rude because family is family no matter what .

Riker;No lets just go

They Head Back Home

Ross;Hey guys . you came early

Riker;Be quiet , I'm out .

Vanessa;Riker !

Laura;What's going on?

Ross;Woah chill it you know this is my house right? it doesn't give you the right to talk to me that way ! If your going to talk to me that then Just leave because I'm not gonna tolerate you if your gonna be this way . Why are you so mad?

Riker;Rydel doesn't want me dating Vanessa she said that she doesn't like her so I told her if she can't accept ness then she's loosing me as a brother.

Laura;What just cause of that?

Ross;Why would you tell her that? You know parents never taught us to be this way .i have a question . Why are we acting this way ?. 1st your fight with Rocky , now Rydel & she just went through labor Riker think before you say . You know she's our only sister & what did we say ?

Riker;That we'd protect her no matter how old she gets & that she'll always be our baby sister .

Ross;Exactly what are you basically doing ? your fighting with her . Riker it's not good for her . You should be embarrassed because your getting lectured by your young brother . In front of your girlfriend . Just because Vanessa came back doesn't mean you have to act this way. Now I want you to go back to the hospital by yourself & apologize .

Riker;Fine .. I'll be back .


Stay tuned for the next chapter 💕.sorry it's short I promise the next one will be longer .

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