Are You Sure?

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Chapter 337;

Ross;This is so good

Vanessa;Right? Oh yeah stormie I was gonna ask you if you wanted to come with me and the girls on Saturday

Stormie;Where too ?

Lilly;Were gonna go shopping for Vanessa's wedding dress

Mark;That soon ?

Riker;Yeah our wedding is in 2 weeks and a half

Stormie;Oh , Are You Sure ? I mean it's too soon

Mark;Yeah I agree with your mother Riker

Rydel;are you saying that because your not ready to let him go? I mean cause you guys knew we were gonna grow up & leave someday. Go our separate ways find our true love .

Stormie;I'm just not ready to let you all go look at you
Ross & Laura have a son . soon their gonna get married
Rydel & Ratliff have a daughter their also gonna get married
Rocky & Lilly are getting married
Riker & Vanessa are getting married soon , with a baby on the way

Ryland;You still have me

Mark;but you guys grew up to fast

Riker;Were always gonna be your babies no matter how old we get

Rocky;Even when we're already moved out of the house

Rydel;We will always visit you

Ross;but most importantly we'll always be family .

Stormie;Your right . Okay I'll go with you guys on Saturday

Vanessa;Thank you it means so much to me

Savannah;You are the most sweetest parents on this planet these 5 people are so lucky to call you mom and dad

Mark;Thank you Savannah

Lizbeth;Oh laura ross I'm gonna leave today I found my apartment I figured to move out I wanted to say thank you for letting me stay . now I'm gonna get going

Laura;Your welcome anytime

Lizbeth;thank you okay thank you for the food it was good now I'm gonna go

Ross;Take care

Lizbeth;Will do bye



Rocky;Okay so how's the family ?


Ratliff;That's good !

Stormie;Yeah so what did y'all do ?


Mark;Nothing? That doesn't sound like you

Riker;Well we've grown up dad a lot of changes happened

Stormie;You guys are acting odd

Ryland;Why would you say that ?

Mark;because Riker is red , ross looks nervous , Rydel is looking down ,Rocky isn't even talking no matter how hard he wants to say something ,laura looks suspicious ,Vanessa looks scared , lilly looks like she's gonna pass out ratliff looks like he's seen a dead person and Savannah seems very nervous .

Stormie;Spill it

Ross;Nothing happened all we did was go to eat and all

Mark;I don't buy it

Ratliff;Well were telling you want we did

Stormie;You can trust us

Everyone but Stormie and Mark exchange looks . they told them what happened .They couldn't believe it . Mark was shocked he felt bad for stormie because she was crying .

Ugh guys I don't think this story isn't coming along really well no more 😪.I have other ideas but if I put more drama most of you won't like it . im maybe gonna take a break on this story 😥. sorry but I hope you enjoyed this chapter 😅.

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