New couple?

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Chapter 105;

*Riker Rydel Ratliff & Laura went to go but food they bought pizza hamburgers & Chinese food. they headed back home*

*Riker opens the door*

Rydel;*whispers something to Laura*

Laura;Hey we'll be back guys imma go with Rydel upstairs

Riker;Okay go.Ratliff & I are going to set everything up .



*Rydel & Laura head upstairs*

Laura;What's up ?

Rydel;What's going on between you & Riker ?

Laura;Nothing I found out that he likes me & I like him too

Rydel;Aweee well I want to let you know that he's a down to earth guy he'll respect you trust me ! *smiles*

Laura;Yeah I know I've had a crush on him already like In the last week I wasn't here.

Rydel;You mean the week Ross & Nessa Hooked up?

Laura;Yeah how did they even get together ?

Rydel;He just asked her we were watching some movies

Laura;That's nice

Rydel;yeah you can tell Ross is jealous that you moved on. Wait did you actually loose feelings for him?

Laura;yea since 2 weeks ago .

Rydel;That's good it's better for you to move on & not be attached


Rydel;Hey can I curl your hair?

Laura;Sure how long is it gonna take?

Rydel;just like 10 mins. Since you don't have a lot of hair & it's not that long well it kinda grew

Laura;Okay by the way where are the rest?

Rydel;They took another trip the day you came back they had gotten the tickets but only for them along with Rocky & Ryland also Julie

Laura;awe where did they go?

Rydel;They went to London .

Laura;so sweet how long are they out?

Rydel;3 weeks

Laura:awe I'm going to miss them .

Rydel;Me too but theirs going to be drama here at the house

Laura;Trust me their won't be


{With Ratliff &Riker}

Riker;I'm going to ask Laura out tonight

Ratliff;Awe how

Riker;*pulls out a promise ring*I had this a while now I was hoping to give it to Vanessa but I took it to the jewelry store to have Laura's name on it instead .

Ratliff;Awe how cute I hope she says yes . should we invite Ross & Vanessa to join us for the movie?

Riker;Sure I don't see why not

Ratliff;Okay I'll go tell them


[Ratliff heads up to Ross's room]

*Ratliff knocks on the door*

Ross;Come in

Ratliff;*opens the door* do you want to join us to watch some movies

Ross;Uh sure I don't see why not

Ratliff;okay we'll wait


*Ratliff heads downstairs*


Ratliff;He'll be down here any minute


*Rydel & Laura head down*

Rydel;So what movie?

Ratliff;Umm I don't know

Riker;What kind of movie would you like to see ?

Laura;Umm what kind Rydel?

Rydel;I want to see a scary movie or maybe a comedy

Riker;What about action?

Laura;Ooo taken !

Riker;Taken it is



*Vanessa & Ross head down*

Rydel;What are they doing here?

Ratliff;We didn't want to be mean so we invited them to watch the movie

Ross;Hey guys

Riker;oh hey

Laura;Riker sit right here

Riker;Okay *puts
his hand over Laura*

{Towards the movie they were eating & focusing they got bored so they stopped it}

Riker;Hey Laura

*Everyone looks at them*

Laura;Yes Riker ?

Riker;Umm *gets nervous* can I ask you something

Vanessa;*eyes widen*


Riker;*stands up & puts his hands in pockets* okay Laura I know well I'm old for you but I can't control my feelings I have towards you & I wanted to ask you if you wanted to be my girlfriend. I would understand If you say no I just want one chance that's all I'm asking for *pulls out the box*

Laura;Oh my god Riker yes I would love to be your girlfriend *hugs him*

Riker;Here you go *puts her in the ring*

Rydel;Omg awe

Ross;*mad & jealous* well congrats you 2 I hope you last

Vanessa;Same here. let's go babe.

*They leave*

Ratliff;Just ignore them *smiles*


A new couple :D I hope you enjoyed ((: !

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