Shes Really Sorry

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Chapter 265;

Riker;Who's Rosalie & why did she leave ?

Laura;Rosalie is your niece which is Rydels & Ratliff's baby

Riker;Okay that's nice so do I have any kids ?



Rocky;You can though

Riker;I know . Why did she leave crying? None of you answered my question .

Ryland;Look Riker you wouldn't really understand because you have memory loss . well tell you anyway ,I honestly really don't know what happened so ross or laura will tell , your girlfriend can also tell you .

Ross;Okay the reason why your here is cause you got in a car crash ,well your car got pretty much hit .

Riker;By who?

Ross;We don't know the person left . Luckily some people lived around their & called 911.

Laura;Well tell you how it started though.


Ross;So Vanessa is your girlfriend I'm pretty sure you now know that


Ross;Okay so she came back

Riker;Wait she left me ?

Laura;No Riker she was gone for a while she came back ,but you guys got together.

Vanessa;Rydel which is the girl that left crying didn't want you & I to date because she said all I was gonna do is break your heart .

Riker;Would you ?


Laura;Okay so you got mad & told Rydel that if she couldn't accept your girlfriend that she was going to loose you as a brother .

Ross;You went to my place you yelled cause a bit of drama but I lectured you to apologize for what you said to Rydel , that's when you came & this ended up happening .

Riker;So that's why she's crying.?


Riker;Uh mom can I go now ? *crying*

Stormie;Yes just let your dad sign you out & get your crutches . Why are you crying ?

Riker;I'm going to apologize.

Mark;Okay .

Rocky;Just know she's really sorry

Riker;It wasn't her fault .

Rocky;Mom I'm gonna get going . I want to go hang out with my girlfriend

Stormie;Okay be good . Are you going to stay over her house?

Rocky;Uh Lilly ?

Lilly;You can sleep over if you want

Rocky;Okay I'll sleep over

Ryland;I'm taking Savannah home bye guys

Savannah;It was a pleasure meeting you mr. & mrs. lynch

Stormie;Sweet heart just call me mom .

Savannah;Okay *smiles*

Riker;Okay I'm done

Ross;Okay do you want to go look for Rydel ?

Riker;Who's rydel?

Vanessa;Your sister you dork

Riker;Oh yeah let's go

Stormie;Mark go sign out Riker .

Ross;I'll be back sweetie

Laura;okay don't take too long do You need help mom?

Stormie;Oh yes sweetie can you take the baby bag?


Vanessa;Do you want me to take the baby seat ?

Stormie;Please it'd be really nice


Ross & Riker head were ratliff & delly are

Ratliff;Their del don't cry no more

Rydel;It hurts so much it's all my fault

Ross;Rat boy

Ratliff;What's up shor?

Ross;Riker wants to talk to delly alone


Riker;Cause I do

Ratliff;Okay we'll leave you too alone

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