The Video

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Chapter 183;

Rydel;I wanna help

Ross;Okay get your laptop

Rydel;Okay you know what let's go to my room

Ross;Okay *Laura & them start walking to Rydels room*

Ross;Okay ready ? wait where's Ratliff & Riker

Rydel;Ratliff is at his moms & Riker is sleeping

Ross;Okay let's start Laura you mind to sit in the middle

Laura;Uh sure

~The video~

Ross;Hey guys

Rydel;As you can see Ross's girlfriend is here

Ross;I wanted to tell you guys that I didn't like what most of you commented it was really rude . you guys nearly made Laura cry .

Rydel;You guys shouldn't be saying things like that imagine being in her shoes & be criticized by the whole world . it made her feel bad . you guys should never ever say mean things

Ross;Yeah we get your our fans correction our family but you should at least be happy for me . Laura is human like all of us she has feelings too .

Rydel;& what you said really brought her mood down . you should think before you say things about other people

Ross;Right now I'm really disappointed in you guys . I didn't like what y'all said calling her ugly.? That's really mean & disrespectful . I get comments like that too that I'm ugly , annoying , that I can't sing , I'm untalented . but hey that's life & I got used to it but she's new so I don't like the way you guys treated her

Rydel;You don't know how much words hurt so instead of being mean be happy for Ross that he finally found someone. .

Laura;Uh I wanted to say a few things . yes I'm skinny but theirs no problem with that it just means that I take care of my body . yeah I have big eyes but I don't care cause that's how god made me . I never did nothing to you guys . I was really proud for you guys supporting R5 but when I saw how true your really are I felt bad because you guys have no respect . I'm human to . I have feelings just like you all do . so do me a favor & keep your thoughts to yourself .

~The video ends~

Laura;Thanks for sticking up for me guys I love you

Ross;No problem I'll do anything for you

Rydel;Same here

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!