Forgive Me?

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Chapter 289;
Ross's POV
So I just got back from hope's house . let me tell you it was the best day too spend with her we went to the park, then we went to get froyo , also we went to the theaters , lastly the beach . From their we stayed for a while . Then I Took her to a burger place so we can eat . I stayed over . So her mom let me stay . I slept in her family room . As I was entering my room I see Vanessa & laura sleeping together . I see Lauras eyes were pink & puffy .Was she crying ? That's all I was thinking I decided to get my clothes so I can shower .
A Few Minutes Later
Riker;Oh your here

Ross;Yeah why ?

Riker;Just . So how was yesterday .?

Ross;It was great ! We're gonna hang out today again





Riker;What do you mean what? You left laura hanging yesterday on your anniversary . Is hope really that important ?

Ross;No ... i didnt realize that .

Riker;Your too late pal

Ross;What do you mean ?

Riker;She was crying yesterday . she was sad , you know that's bad right ? Not for you but for your child that she's carrying

Ross;Now I feel like shit


Rydel & Ratliff Head Downstairs

Rydel;Hey Riker good morning , oh hey ross



Ratliff;Hey Riker , hi ross

Ross;hey ratliff

Riker;Hi ratliff

Ratliff;How was yesterday ?


Rydel;Did You enjoy your time with hope ?


Rydel;That's good

Ross;Yeah what you guys do when you came back?


Ratliff;Just comfort Laura

Riker;& talked to her

Lizbeth Walks Down

Lizbeth;Goodmorning guys

Ross;Goodmorning wait lizbeth ?

Lizbeth;yeah hey ross

Ross;Hey what's are you doing here ?

Lizbeth;Rocky found me yesterday

Ross;Its nice too see you again

Vanessa & Laura walk Down

Vanessa;Morning sweetie Delly Liz & delly . Oh hey Ross

Ross;*runs to laura*Laura

Laura;Get away from me

Ross;Please listen to me

Vanessa;Leave her alone

Ross;Forgive me ?


Rydel;You heard the girl

Lizbeth;Ross now it's not a good time

Riker;Just leave her she's hurt alright ?

Rocky Walks In

Rocky;Hey guys well I'm gonna go to Lilly's


Rocky;Oh hey Ross .


Rocky Opens The Door To Leave

Rocky;Oh hey hope what are you doing here ?

Hope;I came too see ross I have something too tell him

Rocky;Okay he's in the living room bye

Riker;Oh she's here

Hope:Ross I wanted to tell you some awesome news

Laura;Great ...

Ross;What ?

Hope;I'm pregnant with your baby


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