The Dinner

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Chapter 193;

They arrive

Ross;Wow this is some fancy place

Rydel;For reals

Ratliff;It's nice

Riker;I have a question

Stormie & Mark;What?

Riker;Why are we here?

Rocky;Yeah why are we here ?

Mark;It's our late birthday present for Laura

Ryland;More like extremely late

Mark;Hey like I said better late than never

Laura;Stormie & Mark you really didn't have too

Mark;Please call us mom & dad were all family

Stormie;It's our treat let's go in

They head in

Lady;How may I help you today?

Mark;Reservation For Lynch Mark Lynch

Lady;Ahh here you are follow me

Stormie;Wow so generous

Lady;I'll have a waitress with you guys in a bit *hands the menus*

Ross;Okay thank you

Fan;Oh my god mom it's R5

Riker;*smiles at the fan*

Rydel;awe She left I thought she'd come ask for an autograph

Ratliff;Haha it's okay

Mark;I thought so too

The waiter goes

Waiter;Hello what can I get for you today

Riker;I'll have the steak with vegetables on the side & a lemonade

Waiter;Okay would you want medium rare or regular?

Riker;Medium rare please

Rocky;I'll have the chicken casserole with a coke please

Stormie;I'll have the same thing

Rydel;I'll have the fettuccine Alfredo with some lemonade

Ross;I'll have the steak with some vegetables the steak would be regular & with a coke


Ryland;I'll have the spaghetti & meatballs with some water

Laura;I'll have the Italian pasta & a lemonade

Ratliff;Same as her .

Mark;I'll get the steak too make it medium rare & a water

Waiter;okay your order will be here in a few minutes

Mark;Thank you

Waiter;No problem *leaves*

Riker;Are you ready for tomorrow ross?

Ross;Hell yeah !!!

Stormie;I can't believe my baby is growing up

Mark;Well we still have Ryland

Ross;Hey !

Mark;haha I'm joking son you know we love you .

Rocky;You guys would

Mark;Ross now that Laura is pregnant you have to take care of her & the baby . it will be tough but well be here too support you guys along with Rydel .

Laura;Thanks dad

Rydel;awe daddy I love you

Ryland;Hey he's mine also mom

Riker;No their mine I was born first

Rocky;So !

Laura;haha you guys would


Ratliff;I'm looking forward for tomorrow


Ratliff;A lot of things are going down

Ross;*kicks him*



Ratliff;Nothing heh

Stormie;I noticed that Riker , Ross , & Ratliff have been acting strange

Rydel & Laura;Yeah they are

The waiter brings there food

Rocky;This looks really good


Ross;I'm in heaven

Rydel;You guys are pigs

Ratliff;Well that's offensive

Laura;Sure it is

Ryland;You guys are all weird

Stormie;So are you

Ryland;I am not

Riker;yes you are says the one that talks to his bear in the night

Ryland;How did you know about mr.wiggles I mean what are you talking about

Ross;Don't lie you always talked to him in the night


Mark;Okay guys let's not make fun of Ryland

Ryland;Thanks dad

Laura;*laughing* you guys are too funny

Rocky;I know

Rydel;& weird

Laura;yes you guys are

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