I feel bad

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Chapter 166;

•Riker walks in the music room•

Riker;Hey babe what's wrong?

Laura;I hurt Ross & I didn't notice

Riker;What do you mean?

Laura;Cause we were talking about something & well he told me everything about how much he likes me but I told him that I didn't want to seem like a slut by braking up with you just to get back with him so then I told him to let me think about it . & If I still had feelings for him I would give him a chance & if not Then you were my meant to be.

Riker;Awe sweetie it's okay . you didn't hurt Ross you just made him realize his mistakes

Laura;Yeah by making him cry & hate me

Riker;It's not your fault. you just told him how you felt.

Laura;Ross is right I did ruin your family I should've left with Vanessa .

Riker;No Laura you didn't

Laura;I feel bad

Riker;Give him time he'll get over it

Laura;Ugh okay

~With Ross~

Ross's POV

Well apparently Laura doesn't like me no more. I should've never hurt her the way I did . she's moved on & I have to deal with it . I got a text from my brother ryland that's weird well I read the text . it said that their plane got delayed & weren't gonna back in another week . ugh this sucks I was really looking forward to ask rocky for advice I miss that goof ball well anyways I'm still hurt . when I walk out of this room I'm not talking to Laura .

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