Time To Move Out

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Chapter 245;

Rocky;Hey guys . did you get a place ?

Ross;Yeah . we're moving out today .

Riker;Awe that sucks I was hoping to spend more time before you moved

Laura;Sorry Riker but think about it cause you can sleep over any time you want .

Riker;Really ?

Ratliff;Yeah cause we're moving with them

Ryland;Yes !now I have a place to put my Dj equipment .

Rydel;Well miss you too ryland !

Ryland;Sorry .

Mark;Okay guys were gonna help them move out so Ryland go get the van started .

Ross;Okay . Rocky can you help me with my stuff ?


Riker;I'll help out Rydel . Ratliff help out Laura


Stormie;I'll go get the boxes.

Mark;I'm gonna load some stuff when your done .


Ratliff;Let's do this .

They Head Upstairs

Rocky;So what do you want me to put ?

Ross;Okay can you put my guitars where they belong .?

Rocky;Sure. Dude I'm in love with the bass Laura gave you ! it's sick have you used it ?

Ross;Yeah when I left I would always play it .

Rocky;That's sweet man . I know we didn't have time to talk when you came back , but why did you leave ?

Ross;Cause I wanted to change not only for me but for Laura ,Also you guys .

Rocky;I may sound gay but ross you didn't have to change , your perfect the way you are .We make mistakes bro , but it's your decision .

Ross;I know man.

Rocky;How do you feel about almost being a dad? are you ready to take that responsibility ? Also how did you felt when you found out Laura was pregnant ?

Ross;I'm very excited & nervous Cause it's a baby I wasn't expecting this . I think I am ready to take this responsibility cause Cmon we also took care of ryland when he was small. When I found out that Laura was pregnant I was in shock , I was really happy when she said it was my baby. I knew by then I had to be with her so we could've been together as a family .

Rocky;Thats nice man , now ross you proposed .When you guys get married don't try to get in to much arguments when you have your baby already .

Ross;thanks for all this advice man I appreciate it . your welcome any time at my house .

Rocky;Thanks man ! well I'm done packing your stuff . You ready to load it ?

Ross;Yes let's go


With Riker & Rydel

Riker;I think it was nice of ross & Laura letting you guys move in

Rydel;Yeah .

Riker;You ready to give birth ?

Rydel;I'm kind of nervous cause well I can pop any time now .

Riker;I can't wait to hold my niece .

Rydel;Awe .when are we gonna start tour ?

Riker;Not anytime soon ,cause we still have to wait till you heal . Then wait for Laura to give birth .I also don't think it's such a great idea to take the kids on the tour bus cause then they could get sick , or homesick . I'm sure we'll find a way though .

Rydel;Yeah . Riker?

Riker;yes delly ?

Rydel;I'm sorry to bring this up but do you still like Vanessa ?

Riker;At this point no more I moved on . I honestly forgot about her .

Rydel;That's good for you .

Riker;Yeah do you think she's given birth by now ?

Rydel;Well when we went to NY she was one month so I don't think so she's probably 6 months

Riker;I'm gonna miss you delly , your always gonna be my little sister no matter how big you get .

Rydel;Awe Riker I'm glad to have you as my brother we may have had our ups & downs but no matter what your always gonna be my big brother

Riker;I want you to have this *hands her a picture frame*

Rydel;Thanks Riker . I remember this from Christmas.

Riker;yeah now go downstairs .I'm gonna start taking the boxes .

Rydel;Okay .


With Ratliff & Laura



Ratliff;I'm kinda scared...

Laura;Why ?

Ratliff;what if I'm a terrible dad ?...

Laura;Don't think that I'm sure you'll be a wonderful father , you deserve the best of the best & trust me you have the best which is rydel .

Ratliff;I know but what if she stops loving me ?

Laura;True love never dies or ends . Why are you thinking this way?

Ratliff;Well cause knowing Rydel can give birth time now gets me so nervous .

Laura;Be glad rat boy, cause your gonna have your baby girl in your arms .

Ratliff;I know . I'm really happy. how do you feel about being a mother ?

Laura;I'm very happy , I really want my baby here already .

Ratliff;I'm sorry to bring these two things up but do you miss your sister & do you miss the 1st baby you lost ?

Laura;Well I don't really miss my sister cause she's an ignorant person but I'm just hoping she's okay , cause she really changed . I do miss the 1st baby I still think about it . but I mean I can't do nothing about it no more

Ratliff;That takes a lot of courage .

Laura;I know ..well we're all set

Ratliff;I'll get ross to help me out go downstairs so you won't have to carry nothing .

Laura;I wanna help though

Ratliff;No Laur you can get hurt

Laura;Fine !


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