Long Ride

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Chapter 303;
Ross's POV
I was on the phone with Riker yes I know it sounds weird but it was because I was bored so I called him he started telling me about Vanessa . I was drinking some soda until he told me something that made me spit it out I couldn't believe it . Their wedding is in 3 weeks & Vanessa is pregnant . oh dear lord that house is gonna be full of kids . I started telling him that I was near the place ugh this is a Long Ride . I was like 10 minuets away so I told Riker that I was gonna hang up because I was almost their . I could feel myself sweat because I was real nervous what if she told me to leave . well it wouldn't hurt to try . I was already here . I got off my car wow this place is real peaceful & nice . I approached the door . .


??;*opens the door*


Laura;What are you doing here?

Ross;I came to look for you .


Ross:Listen I can't be distant from you .

Laura;Ross I don't want to put you or
Ryder in danger please just go . I won't be gone for too long .

Ross;Can I at least see him?

Laura;Sure . come in .

Ross Goes In

Laura;How did you find me ?

Ross;Vanessa told me .

Laura;I kinda figured

Ross;Why didn't you tell me about hope ?

Laura;I thought you weren't gonna believe me .Sorry ross , I feel mean for acting that way . I just had to

Ross;Don't worry about it , in a way I knew it wasn't you .

Laura;Yeah Ryder is in the room he's just sleeping

Ross;It's okay , why did you think I wasn't gonna believe you ?

Laura;Because hope was a close friend of yours

Ross;But no matter what I'm always gonna believe you. I don't care if I've known her longer your more important to me .

Laura;But I really need you to go .I don't want to risk your life

Ross;Forget about me ,Ryder is more important .

Laura;No I mean you should go because well hope is gonna come

Ross;for ?

Laura;She wanted to make sure I actually left

Ross;What a freak , no I'm not leaving I don't want to leave you just let me stay I'll clear things out

Laura;Fine .

Ross;*kisses her*thank you

Laura;No problem

Ross;what time is she gonna be here ?

Laura;She's gonna come at 4

Ross;Okay in the mean time let me make you something to eat, you do have food right ?

Laura;Yes I passed by the grocery store


Yay ross found laura ☺️.
You guys I'm freaking out R5 is taking out a new song Friday afghjklmno 😭😭💘.

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