Getting things ready

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Chapter 117;

*Ross woke everyone up for breakfast*

{They went down & served the food}

-At the table-

Ross;hey ness I was wondering if you wanted to go to the beach later on ?

Riker;You guys are going too?

Ross;Yeah why?

Riker;Laura & I are going too

Ross;Oh really what beach ?


Ross;Were going to Santa Monica for the pier


Rydel;Anyway so guys

Laura;Umm how's breakfast ?


Vanessa;Oh Ross I will go to the beach with you

Ross;Awesome alright .

Ratliff;I heard you & Laura broke up .. is it true ?


Rydel;Omg why?

Vanessa;Wait what?

Laura;Yeah Riker & I broke up

Ratliff;But you guys were so cute together what happened ?

Laura;Well Riker & I decided to stay friends cause he umm likes Megan ? yeah Megan .

Vanessa;Oh really?

Riker;Yeah umm yeah I do

Rydel;Oh damn


*They finished Rydellington went out while Ross left too*

-Ross texts Laura-


Ross;Hey Laur I'm almost done how are we gonna do this though ?

Laura;Um we can blind fold them you know I'll prepare a picnic for you & ness I'll also prepare one Riker & I . so when their by themselves you & I can have one as friends though

Ross;Okay good plan what are they doing ?

Laura;Riker is taking a nap while ness is doing her hair you know she's trying to look beautiful

Ross;Okay well I'm almost done I just need to throw the petals & the tent

Laura;Awesome well I'm going to wake up Riker so we can get ready




(Laura heads upstairs)

Laura;Riker get up !!

Riker;I'm up what time is it?

Laura;it's 4 shower hurry up I'll make a picnic .

Riker;Okay have you showered ?



*Riker heads in the shower while Laura prepares both picnic baskets*

{Vanessa walks in}

Vanessa;Who is that for ?

Laura;You & Ross he asked me to make you guys a picnic basket

Vanessa;Okay thanks *soft smile* can I tell you something ?

Laura;Sure what is it?

Vanessa;I still like Riker ...

Laura;Oh well then umm I don't know

Vanessa;Do you still like him?

Laura;Well yeah not a lot as before I ran away

Vanessa;Oh well I really don't like Ross you know that right?

Laura;Yeah I know

[Riker walks in]

Riker;Hey Laur I'm ready to g-

Vanessa;Umm I'll see you later bye

Laura;Bye. wow Riker you don't look too bad

Riker;Haha thanks Laur

Laura;I like the combination of white & black plus the converse perfect

Riker;*blushes* thanks. that dress is really nice too

Laura;Awe thanks well let's finish packing the picnic.

Riker;Who's the other basket for?

Laura;Ross & Vanessa . she asked me to do it for her

Riker;Ohh okay

*Ross walks in*

Ross;Hey where's Vanessa ?

Riker;In her room

Ross;Okay thanks

Riker;No problem

{Ross showered. Laura & Riker finished with the picnic baskets & they headed to the beach}

*They arrived*

Laura;Can you put on this blind fold ?


Laura;A surprise

Riker;Okay *puts it on*

~With Ross & Vanessa~

Ross;Babe can you put this on ?


Ross;It's cause I have a surprise for you but I don't want you to see

Vanessa;Alright *puts it on*


I wonder how their reactions will be stay tuned for the next chapter (:

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