I Missed You So Much

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Chapter 316;

Laura;Ross? is it really you ?

Ross;Laura ! Yes it is me

Laura;Wait you remember ? *sobbing*

Ross;Why wouldn't I remember you ?

Laura;*runs to hug him and Ryder*

Ross;Shh don't cry baby I'm already here

Laura;I missed you so much . Also Ryder

Ross;Were here already just don't cry no more *kisses her forehead*

Laura;I thought you'd never come back

Ross;I came back for you .

Laura;Wait what about Hope ?

Ross;Don't worry about her right now . It's just us 3 now . I need to be with you laura I missed you .

Laura;My life was a living hell you don't know how much I cried and honestly today was the only day they took me out of this room ...

Ross;Wait did you at least eat?

Laura;*looks down*no...

Ross;Okay come with me downstairs to kitchen I'm gonna make you something to eat alright

Laura;Okay can I carry Ryder ?

Ross;Sure *hands Ryder to her* looks like he missed you as well

Laura;I missed both of you.

Ross;Before we go I need to do this *kisses her*

Laura;I'm glad your back

Ross;So am I . now let's go . Oh wait

Laura;What ?

Ross;I believe this belongs to you *pulls out the ring* I found it so I brought it along

Laura;Oh my god I thought I lost it when the incident happened ..

Ross;No hope had it all along here *puts it on Laura's Finger* okay now this time let's head down


They Head Downstairs

Riker;I told you guys they were gonna come down


Vanessa;About time we see you down again laura

Laura;Yeah I know

Ryland;Why don't you tell us what happened those 3 days you were with hope .

Ross;Okay well let me cook something for laura first

Ratliff;Look Rosalie its your cousin Ryder


Rydel;Did she just giggle ?

Ratliff;By the sound of it yes

Rydel;Oh my god

Riker;Well she is almost 3 weeks old

Rydel;Yes I know

Lizbeth;I'm gonna go out guys


Lilly;be careful

Lizbeth;Will do

Riker;If anything just call us

Lizbeth;Okay see you later guys *leaves*

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