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Chapter 49;

Anna;Were dating

Laura;What? Really Ross ? you & I break up . Now you decide to go & get back with Anna ?

Ross;You were the one that dumped me what the fuck ,now your complaining that I did better ?!?

Rydel;What the hell is your problem Ross ! she did it because she wanted to you don't freaking get nothing ! but really you had to hook up with Anna again?I hope she hurts you again !!

Ross;You guys are pathetic & immature I chose Anna cause look at her she's perfect compare her to Laura she's more better

Anna;Just face it Laura I he chose me over you .

Laura;You know what ! I don't care Ross do what you want ! I don't care if she hurts you but if she does don't come to me like I'm just the second choice.!

Anna;Poor baby is going to cry

Laura;Just shut it your mouth already

Anna;haha you can't Handle the truth

Laura;Shut up I'm just waisting my time on dumb people

Ross;Just shut up & leave *kisses Anna on purpose*

Laura*Starts to cry* okay that's how it is

Ross;You know my girlfriend is right

Laura; you mean your slutty girlfriend?! Right.

Ross;Okay sure

Anna;Just leave her alone she's waisting our time

Rydel;Just know Laura has been here for you & you decide to choose this slut you could've done better

Anna;I'm not a slut !

Rydel;The only reason your with Ross is for sex & for him to get you pregnant so he can stay with your ugly ass

Anna; that's not true

Ross;Wait what ?

Anna;It's not true Rossy

Ross;okay baby I trust you

Laura;I'm done here bye *leaves*

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