Talking about the Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

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Chapter 367;
(2 days before Laura's & Ross Wedding)

Ross;(smiles waking up) Goodmorning laur

Laura;(smiles widely) morning rossy

Ross;So 2 more days

Laura;(blushes lightly)Yeah 2 more days & I'll finally be a Lynch

Ross;Yes it even sounds amazing


Ross;You know you like the sound of it too

Laura;I never said I didn't

Ross;but still so what now ?

Laura;Well let's get ready & go downstairs

Ross;Do you think everyone got yesterday's rehearsal for the seating & all that ?

Laura;Yeah we practiced the whole weekend

Ross;So my best man is Ratliff

Laura;I thought it was Rocky

Ross;he wanted to walk the isle with Lilly (a/n I'm so sorry I forgot who's the best man so I decided to switch it up)

Laura;Sounds good

Ross & Laura got ready from their they headed downstairs

Stormie;hey guys

Laura;Morning Stormie

Savannah;2 more days till the RAURA wedding !! (Excited)

Ross;We have another Rydel in the house

Rydel;Hey ! (Pretends to be offended)

Savannah;What don't blame me it's just because you guys are made for each other !

Rocky;Yup that's true

Riker;Oh right ross today is your bachelors party

Laura;& what's going to be in that party ? (Cocks an eyebrow)

Vanessa;I told you guys

Ryland;Wait theirs nothing bad all thats gonna happen is just chill you know buy some food & play video games

Laura;It better that way

Lilly;Over protective

Ratliff;Who's gonna watch the kids

Rydel;Well in Laura's Bachelorette we won't have nothing bad all we're doing is talking you know & then go out to eat

Ross;Okay ryder stays with me

Ratliff;Rosalie stays with me

Beauty;Where will we go?

Ross;You'll go with the girls

Mark;Indeed you will so don't worry because momma Stormie will be with you guys , & I will be joining the guys including Boston , Gator , Gus , Gordy , & Gil B.

Gator;Awesome !

Rocky;Well have fun

Stormie;Good I'm sure ross will enjoy this day because he still acts like a kid in points

Ross;Mom ! (Whines)

Vanessa;(chuckles)it's kinda true

Ross;Shut it

Beauty;That's no nice

Vanessa;You heard the girl

Ross;(rolls his eyes playfully)

Beauty;You have to be nice


Ross;Fine I'll be nice

Rocky;Ross getting lectured by a kid? Wow that's embarrassing

Ross;Oh shut it (ignores him)

Lilly;don't mind Rocky he can be stupid in times

Rocky;Well then !

Ratliff;This house is full of kids to be honest I feel bad for you Mark & Stormie

Rydel;Your talking about us? Well let me tell you something E-Rat you act like a kid yourself too

Ratliff;(stays quiet)

Riker;& she shut you up ! Now that's embarrassing

(A few hours later)

Rydel;(yells) laura hurry up !! We're gonna leave already

Laura;I'm going (yells back)

Stormie;Okay girls get in the van

Savannah;Wait we still need laura

Ross;Haha you're already forgetting about her

Stormie;that's right. Sorry I thought she was out already

Laura;(walks downstairs)okay their

Ross;be careful (pecks her cheek) I love you

Laura;I love you too bye

(they head back to Stormies house)

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