Your Kidding Me Right?

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Hey hey guys how y'all been ? Well I know I haven't update but I am right now & since it's the weekend I'll be updating a lot 💁💖.


Chapter 199;

Ross;Well guys I'm going to the store

Rydel;Can I go ?



Riker;Get me some chips

Laura;I want Starbucks


Ratliff;I'll go with you

Ryland;I'm going out peace guys •leaves

Rocky;I guess I'm staying here & get me a soda with chips

Ross;Okay well be back

They leave & Get to the store

Ross;Well I guess I'm gonna look for the chips

Rydel;I'm getting the drinks

Ratliff;I'm going with you

They go their separate ways

Ross's POV

As I'm getting the stuff the guys wanted I see Cassandra here . I'm going to talk to her because I didn't like the way she talked to Laura

Ross;Hi Cassandra

Cassandra;Oh hi Ross I didn't see you their what's up ?

Ross;I came to talk to you because I didn't like the way you talked to my fiancé

Cassandra;About that I'm sorry . I guess we can say I was being rude .

Ross;Yeah you were

Cassandra;Yeah you know jealousy . it gets to you

Ross;Wait you were jealous ?

Cassandra;yeah . .


Cassandra;Cause Laura is lucky . she's gonna marry a sweet,loving, & caring guy.

Ross;Their are plenty other guys though

Cassandra;I know but I want you . *Grabs Ross by the collar & smashes her lips against his*

~Rydel & Ratliff head to the chip section~

Rydel;God damn what takes Ross so long to get chips

Ratliff;Uh rydel ?

Rydel;*eyes widen* no fucking way ! Ross !! *mad*

Ross;*pulls away* I can explain Rydel

Ratliff;Dude that was a bitch move your getting married & we caught you kissing Cassandra

Ross;It's not like that

Cassandra;I'm gonna get going

Rydel;You better leave ! & you Ross let's go .

Ross;Please don't tell Laura

Rydel;Your kidding . I can't keep this from her ! she's been their & never kept a secret from you !

Ross;But Rydel

Ratliff;But nothing . if she forced you to kiss her then why were you kissing back ?? dude this is history let's go

They head home

Ross;Please Rydel don't

Rydel;I'm going to tell Laura

They walk in

Riker;Woah what's with all the yelling ?

Ross;It's nothing

Ratliff;It's something . Rydel care to tell Laura ?

Laura;Tell me what ?

Ross;She doesn't need to tell you nothing

Rocky;Shut up Ross ! what is it Rydel ?

Rydel;Okay so we went to the store. Ross went to the chip section to get your guys stuff . Ratliff & I went to get the drinks . well turns out Ross was taking to long we went to look for him . we found him kissing Cassandra .

Laura;*tears in her eyes* what ? Ross is this true ?

Ross;Yes it's true but you guys didn't let me explain

Riker;Your kidding me right ? Ross what the hell Laura is loyal to you . & you treat her this way ? that's a fucked up move

Rocky;Wow Ross & I thought you were gonna be a better person . Think about it you guys are gonna have a baby & you did this?

Laura;I can't believe you *Takes out the ring & throws it to ross* here why don't you give that to Cassandra *crying*

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