Life is Life

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Chapter 361;

At Home With Ross & Laura

Ross;Finally were home

Laura;Shor we've only been out for like 4 hours you act like we've been out for a life time

Ross;Oh shut up Marie(playfully)

Laura;I don't like it when you call me that

Ross;Marie (teasingly)

Laura;Ross be quiet

Ross;No Marie

Laura;Im gonna get mad

Ross;Then get mad

Laura;Okay then you said it (playfully)

Ross;Wait no .

Laura;(ignores him)

Ross;I was kidding laura

Laura;(gets ryder out of the car seat) hey ryder


Laura;awe your sleepy baby?

Ross;Laura please

Laura;Oh your so adorable


Laura;Your so cute Royce I love you


Laura;Cmon lets give you a bath

Ross;(face palms)

Laura;Life is Life .

Ross;What do you mean?

Laura;What I meant sometimes life is unfair

Ross;I don't get it all you did was get mad over something stupid?

Laura;I was joking I wasn't mad I wanted to see what you would do about it


Laura;Now your the stupid one (goes upstairs)

Ross;(still confused) wait I'm still confused (yells running upstairs)

Laura;Oh my god ross

Ross;I'll let it go

Laura;good now get in your swimming trunks so you can bathe ryder

Ross;okay (gets his trunks & puts them on)

Ryder;(stares at ross)

Ross;hey baby boy

Laura;Here lets go in (they go in the bathroom)

Ross;hey can I ask you something?


Ross;Would you get mad if a friend were to come over?

Laura;what friend?

Ross;Umm Maia

Laura;No as long as she won't take you away

Ross;don't worry she's married

Laura;then were good at what time is she coming?

Ross;in like 20 minutes

Laura;Okay well let's hurry up


They finished showering Ryder.Ross changed into his normal clothes .

Laura;Have you ever thought of having more kids ?

Ross;(smirks)why you want to?

Laura;Yeah just not right now I want to wait maybe till Ryder is 2


Laura;Dont take it the wrong way

Ross;it just seems like you don't want to have a family

Laura;I do just not right now

Ross;see you make it sound like you don't want no kids at all

Laura;but ross

Ross;(leaves sadly)


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