The Answer

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Chapter 125;


Ross;Please Laura I really need you by my side

Laura;Ross listen to me okay ?


Laura;Okay. I am willing to give you another chance but with a condition

Ross;Okay anything name it

Laura;To not let anything come in our way please? that's all I ask for

Ross;I promise you that . so we're official *pecks her lips*


Vanessa;I'm happy for you both


Rydel;You guys are back !finally !

Ratliff;Awe you to are cute congrats though .

Laura;Thank you guys . let's get this party started

Ratliff;You know it !! Riker turn up the music

Riker;On it

Rydel;Girls let's go get into our bikinis

Ratliff;By the way we bought water guns were gonna have a war against you girls

Rydel;Your on !

Riker;Were gonna smoke you guys

Vanessa;You sure about that lynch?

Riker;I'm positive

Laura;We'll see about that

{The girls go in the house}

Riker;We'll win

Ross;Hell yes c'mon let's go get our swimming trunks

Ratliff;It's cold though

Ross;Grow a pair E-Rat c'mon hurry

Ratliff;Fine if I get sick it's on you lynchs you guys always do the craziest things ever !

Ross;Cause we're crazy



Sorry for the short chapter v,v
But RAURA is back ^~^

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