The Story

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Chapter 317;

Rydel;Okay so now foods ready

Riker;Yeah now let's sit down and eat

Ryland;Savannah and I are gonna go to the theaters I'll catch y'all later

Ross;Be careful

Savannah;yeah we know *they leave*

Lilly;How was it to loose your memory ?

Ross;I don't know it sucks because you don't remember nothing then people lie to you and well you fall for it

Vanessa;But at least you got it back . that's all that matters


Laura;So did Hope and you do anything ? Did she even take you out ?

Ross;No we really didn't do nothing she was always with Ryder and we never went out

Rocky;That sucks


Ratliff;I don't know if you noticed but Ryder already fell asleep

Ross;I'll put him in his crib right now


Rocky;Are you gonna tell us?

Ross;Tell you what?

Riker;The story

Ross;Oh yeah

Vanessa;Okay any day now

Ross;Chill out I'm getting my drink

Laura;Typical ross


Rydel;You take really long

Ross;Okay . their

Lilly;Ross just say the dam story already

Ross;Fine I'm gonna tell it . I don't want any interruptions alright?


Ross;Lets see the first day In the night I asked her why everyone was saying that Laura was my fiancé she told me that Laura was trying to break her and I up I believed it then in the morning she told me the you guys didn't care about me that's why you all showed up late . from their I was always with Ryder . I read the note Laura left me. I was trying so hard to remember everything . Second day she wanted to have sex with me . I told her no because I didn't want to . She got mad at me . I had my phone with me I looked through my pictures and I saw Laura's photos I was wondering why I had some of her but not of hope so everything kinda started falling into place , Third day I woke up in Hope's bed I was thinking to myself 'what am I doing here shouldn't I be at home with everyone else' she woke up telling me Goodmorning I walked into Ryder's room I saw him so that's when it hit me that I lost my memory and she lied to me . So she then asked me what I wanted to eat I told her it didn't really matter. She was gonna start cooking when I told her that I was gonna take Ryder out she wanted me back in 20 minutes so I came back home .

Ratliff;She is one cra-

Riker;crazy bitch

Ratliff;I was gonna say crazy girl

Riker;Same thing


Laura;Wow well why don't you go back and talk to her

Ross;Hell no what if she keeps me their Id rather stay here than go back their

Lilly;Don't go back their honestly

Ross;What did they do too Laura ?

Laura;You don't need to know


Ross;Tell me


Riker;They abused her


Ratliff;they also did stuff to all of us .

Ross;Woah I didn't know

Vanessa;Now you do

Ross;Why didn't you tell me when I came in ?

Laura;Cause we were all hung up on you because you came back

Ross;yeah but you still had to tell me what they did ! Do you even trust me ?

Laura;Ross I'm so-

Ross;You know what I'm out *storms off*

Riker;Let him cool down . He probably panicked because he didn't know

Rydel;Riker has a point that's how ross is when he panics he gets mad and scared he just needs time

Laura;Yeah I guess *gets Ryder and leaves*

Lilly;To be honest this is too much too handle

Riker;Yes it is. I'm gonna talk to him

Ratliff;Okay just take it easy on him

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