Raura;I still care

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Chapter 55;

*Ross goes to his room*

Anna;Hey sweetie

Ross;Hey look I know you like me . I like you to but I think this won't work


Ross;I'm sorry

Anna;What ever lynch I'll see you around bye *walks out*

*Ross walks downstairs*

Riker;Wow she left mad

Ross;I know but oh well

Rydel;It's for the best

Ross;I guess

Adam;Imma go sweetie I'll see you later *kisses her forehead*

Laura;Okay bye take care love

Ross;Can we talk Laur ?


Vanessa;No lynch you've hurt her enough

Laura;Nessa it's okay

Vanessa;okay go I'll keep an eye out on you


Laura;So were do we talk?

Ross;My room

*they head to Ross's room*

Laura; so what are you gonna tell me now

Ross;Laura I like you i regret loosing you

Laura;No Ross look you & I are not happening no more sorry

Ross;Laura I know I messed up

Laura;Big time

Ross; well I'm sorry I know sorry won't do nothing but I'll prove it to you that I like you like no other

Laura;Ross no

*kisses her*


To be continued

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