Raura;Getting to know the Maranos

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Riker; Hey I'm Riker & you are?

Vanessa;Hey I'm Vanessa you can call me Nessa though

Riker; okay nice meeting you Nessa

Vanessa;Nice meeting you too

Rocky; Hey I'm Rocky

Vanessa;well hello Rocky

Rocky; So did you guys just move here ?

Vanessa; Yeah we did

-With Ross & Laura-

Ross; So Laura how old are you?

Laura; I'm 18 & you?

Ross;No way I'm 18 too when's your birthday?

Laura; November 29 & yours?

Ross;December 29

Laura; That's cool !

Ross; Yeah so what do you do for fun?

Laura; I sing & write my music what about you?

Ross; Wow we have so much in common I love music it's the only thing that speaks to me !

Laura;Really? Me too !

-With Rydel & Riker-

Riker;Rydel !

Rydel; yes Riker?

Riker; I want to get to know Vanessa very well can you tell her after dinner if she wants to stay over?

Rydel;yeah sure

-Riker & Laura-

Riker;Hello who are you?

Laura; I'm Laura Vanessa's sister

Riker;Oh your related to her? She's pretty cute

Laura;yeah I'm her younger sister & I know she's beautiful

Riker; No offense I know you met Ross just right now but you guys seem perfect together


Stormie; Guys dinners ready !

Ross & the rest; yay let's go eat !

(I'm just getting the hang of this so keep reading 😊. If any suggestions comment !☺️)

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