She'll Love It

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Chapter 324;

Rydel;Vanessa can I talk to you in the kitchen ?

Vanessa;Do you mind laura ?

Laura;Not at all I'm just gonna give ryder a bath

Vanessa;okay call me if anything

Laura;alright *heads upstairs*

Vanessa;so what did you need to talk about ?

Rydel;Ross is gonna sing laura some songs tonight we'll just 2

Vanessa;okay so?

Rydel;he wants you to take her out while we set up the stage

Vanessa;Okay just let her shower ryder

Rydel;okay thanks

Vanessa;where are the guys ?



Rydel;cleaning of course and ryland is cooking up some hotdogs for us

Vanessa;okay I'm gonna check up on laura

Rydel;alright I'm gonna go out side and help the boys out

Vanessa;Okay see you in a bit

Rydel heads outside while Vanessa goes upstairs to check on Laura

Vanessa;laura ? *knocks*Laura are you their ? *turns the knob* oh your sleeping . *closes the door and heads outside* hey guys

Ross;hey where's laura ?

Vanessa;she's taking a nap with ryder

Ross;okay than do you think we'll have enough time ?

Rocky;if you hurry up then of course

Rydel;Well let's get working

Lilly;She'll love it, dont worry

Riker;Okay guys hurry up

Ross;calm down okay so the songs are gonna be here comes forever and stay with me .

Rocky;are you trying to make her happy or cry ?

Rydel;Just Shut up and hurry

Rocky;alright , alright .

Next chapter will be up in maybe 30 minutes or in the night hope you enjoyed 😌.

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