Baby Rooms

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Chapter 247;

Rydel;About time we're done .

Ross;Yes . Thanks for the help .

Laura;No problem .

Ratliff;So did you guys choose the baby rooms?

Rydel;Yeah .

Ratliff;Okay do you guys want to do some shopping ?

Laura;I do

Ross;Okay well let's go .

Ratliff;Okay .

They Head To The Mall

Ross;Okay so what store?

Rydel;The baby store no duh ross

Ratliff;Haha okay let's go inside .

They Go inside The store

Laura;Omg this is so cute !

Rydel;Okay I'm gonna shop for some dresses

Laura;I'm gonna look for a crib & some toys .

Ross;Wow Laura look at this.! *holds up a onsie*

Laura;I love it !

Ross & Laura kept shopping they bought a lot of stuff for the baby. They got a baby blue crib . Rydel & ellington shopped . Rydel got some tutus with dresses along with some onesies & got a pink crib . They went into another store to get the paint for the rooms . They shopped for baby toys & teddy bears along with blankets & sweaters for the babies . then they entered another store to get some car seats . when they were done the headed home.

Ross;what a long day

Ratliff;Not to mention it we still have to finish the baby rooms

Laura;Okay ross let's go we have to paint the room

Rydel;What color did you guys get?

Laura;The usual blue

Ross;What about you guys?

Ratliff;We got purple

Laura;how cute

Ratliff;Yeah we're gonna go get the stuff ready for the room .

Ross;Okay us too

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