Planning Rydel's Baby Shower

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Chapter 237;

Rydel;Well Guys I'm sleepy so I'm gonna head up to bed ratliff you coming sweetheart ?

Ratliff;I'll be their in a bit I just need to talk to Rocky

Rydel;Okay bye *leaves*

Ratliff;Okay so tomorrow is gonna be a busy day .

Riker;It sure is

Ross;Why ?

Laura;Right you weren't here but we're planning Rydel a baby shower why do you think your parents went out they went to go get the decorations

Ross;Ohhh I see okay so what's the plan

Ratliff;Here's the timing at

8:00 Rydel will wake up she's gonna get ready so it pretty much takes her 30 minutes . at 8:40 we'll have breakfast so when the clock strikes 9:00 I'm talking her out . at 9-2 you guys will decorate . remember one of you guys has to pick up Rydel's cake I called the bakery & the cake will be ready at 1:30 . Everyone got it ? Okay so then at 3:30 I will propose

Riker;Wait what ? What do you mean propose

Rocky;He's gonna ask Rydel to marry him keep up riker !

Ryland;He knows that stupid

Rocky;We forgot to tell you


Riker;Ratliff you better take good care of her I'm counting on you !

Ratliff;Yes I know . look I love your sister man I would never hurt her I love her too much .

Riker;It better stay that way

Ratliff;oh it will . Cmon were gonna raise a family .

Ross;Who's coming ?

Ratliff;My parents for sure . Some of rylands girlfriends .& pretty much us

Laura;That's cool I can't wait well let's go to bed tomorrow's a busy day .

Stormie & Mark arrive

Stormie;Go to sleep guys ! tomorrow's a busy day .

Mark;Be up by 7:00 at the dot not 7:01 you guys know Ratliff wants this day extra special .

Ross;Okay goodnight


They All Go Upstairs & Head To Sleep

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