Home Sweet Home

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Chapter 225;

With the rest

Ross;Did any of you guys see that?

Rydel;I'm as shocked as you are

Rocky;Same here

Laura;Act natural here they come

Riker;8 lemonades for everyone

Ratliff;Thanks bro

Riker;No problem

Ryland;I gotta give you props Madison for sticking up for yourself & Riker that way

Madison;I know I just got mad cause she was being rude how could've you been with that?

Laura;Uh not to be rude but that person your talking about is my sister so I would like if you'd stop talking about her that way I know she can be a bitch but she still has a heart


Ross;Guys mom & dad texted we have to leave I'm guessing they booked an early fly

Riker;Are you serious ?

Ross;Yeah let's go

Rydel;Sorry Madison but we have to go

Madison;Oh don't worry my parents just texted me I'm guessing I'm leaving too

Rocky;what a coincidence

Riker;I'll see you around Madison it was nice knowing a sweet girl like you


Riker;are you okay?


Ross;Well wait outside *they leave*

Riker;Okay. So why aren't you okay?

Madison;Riker I like you & I feel this connection between you & I . I know you won't pay attention to a girl like me. Seeing how beautiful your ex is I know I won't have a chance ...

Riker;Madison your really cute I'm dead serious I've never seen a girl like you . I'll give you my number text me . i mean you can charm any one with those blue eyes . *pecks her cheek*ill see you around

Riker leaves

Ross;About time

Riker;Lets go parents keep texting


Laura;You guys ready?

Rocky;Hell yeah let's go

They head to the hotel

Stormie;Great you guys are here get your suitcases we got an early flight let's go Cmon

Laura;Okay someone help Rydel she brought more stuff

Ross;Ratliff you do it


Rocky;Lets go

They Head To The Airport

Ross;Okay we're are the flight tickets ?

Mark;Your mom has them

Stormie;Okay here one for Riker , the other one for Rydel , the next one for Ratliff , this one is for Rocky , Laura ,then ross , ryland the last 2 are for you dad & I don't loose the

Airline;Flight 205 your plane is here start heading flight leaves in 15 minutes

Stormie;That's our cue let's go


They head to the plane

Rydel;Okay well I'll be taking a nap wake me up when we're their

Ratliff;Me too

Rocky;You guys are the cutest

Ross;You want to sleep Laura.?

Laura;Yeah . I'm kind of tired

Ross;Okay take a nap I'll wake you up


Riker's POV

Thinking about Madison makes me miss her more than I already do. My mind is just striking her . theirs nothing else I've been thinking about but her she's really beautiful with those blue eyes , her blonde hair God why is she so perfect ?

Few Hours Later

Flight Attendant;Flight 205 we just have landed please make sure to get out safely have a wonderful day

Ross;Laura wake up

Laura;What ? we're here ?



Rocky;Who's gonna wake up Rydel & Ratliff ?

Stormie;I will just get the suitcases

Ross;You need help?


Ross;Okay Riker come help Rocky he needs help


Rocky;Wow Ross your such a good help

Ross;I know

Mark;Ryland help out Rocky


Stormie;Okay Ratliff Rydel wake up

Ratliff;Were here ?


Rydel;yay finally

Mark;Let's go

They Head Home


Ryland;Home sweet home

Stormie;Your dad & I are gonna take a nap

Ross;So am I

Laura;I'll go with you

Riker;I guess we're all gonna sleep

Rydel;pretty much bye guys

Rocky;I'm just gonna stay here peace

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!