Raura ; Leaving to figure out

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Chapter 80;

Ross's POV
I left Laura a note telling her that I'm going to go out to figure out this scene I'm going to Anna's because I know she was up to this I Won't stop till I get to the bottom of this!

*Ross Gets to Anna's*


Anna;*opens the door* oh hey ross

Ross;Don't you oh hey Ross me it's all your freaking fault thanks to you Laura doesn't remember anything!

Anna;Your blaming me for something I didn't do?

Ross;Don't act innocent you look innocent but we both know your not!

Anna;You really think I did it? *laughs*

Ross;I don't think I know you did!

Anna;Keep looking pal because I didn't do it.

Ross;Sure I'm just waisting my time bye* leaves*

Anna's POV

Ross thinks I was the one that hit his poor princess but it wasn't me it was one of my partners he's never going to figure out who it was because I got it all covered now I'm working on the next step of my plan (:< I'm going to enjoy this! !!

-Anna Texts the person-

anna-We have to be careful because the Blondie is starting to get to the case I got you covered though he won't find out he's to stupid! !

???-Thanks for the look out I'm sure he won't think it's me. Just keep me convered I'm doing the next plan!

anna-Okay bye


who do you think it is?

stay tuned for the next chapter!(:

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