Raura;Dinner & staying the night

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Chapter 4;

(Ross POV; Laura is really beautiful I think I'm starting to have feelings for her yeah I know we just met but she's perfect)

Ross;Laura after dinner would you like to see a movie with us ?

Laura;Yeah sure what movie?

Ross; The conjuring

Laura; yay a scary movie !

Stormie;How's dinner ??

Laura & Vanessa; It's Great !

Laura; Your food is so Good stormie

Stormie; awe thank you Laura your so sweet !

Laura; Your welcome

Stormie; You can call me mom if you want .

Laura;cool will do

-With Riker & the Rest-

Rydel; Is Ratliff actually coming or not?

Riker; he called saying that he'll run a little bit late

Rydel; oh okay

Rocky; Why do you care if he's coming?

Rydel; I was just wondering

Vanessa; who's Ratliff?

Riker; Some friend of ours .

Vanessa; So it's only you 4?

Riker; no we have another brother but he's not here right now he went out.

Vanessa; Cool what's his name?

Rydel; Ryland he's the youngest out of all

Vanessa; Dinner was great thank you stormie but Laura & I got to go

Laura; I told Ross I would join them for a movie though

Vanessa;oh really? Well staying for a movie wouldn't hurt

Rydel;In fact why don't you guys stay the night?

Riker;yeah it'll be fun !

Rocky;Just stay the night besides you guys live right in front .

Ross;Yeah please Vanessa ?

Vanessa; Okay we'll stay

Everyone; Yay

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