Chapter;Getting Home & Surprise

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Chapter 41;

Rydel;Ross omg you look handsome

Rocky;I love your tux

Riker;Mom texted she said if everything is alright

Rydel;Omg tell her I said hi


Rydel;Okay Ross your ready


*Goes to the back & waits*

Rydel;*yells from the window* Ross Laura is here !!!!

Ross;Great !

-With the Maranos-

Vanessa;Okay I want you to put this blind fold

Laura;Why ?

Vanessa;Just do it


*Vanessa puts the blind fold on Laura*

-Laura walks to the house while Vanessa took it off-

Laura;what's this ??

Vanessa;Look for yourself

Laura;*teary & follows the flower path *

Ross;*hears footsteps*

Laura;*walks to the backyard & mouth widens*

To be continued........

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