The Top 1000: Best Poetry

Everything I Never Said by feliciaing
Everything I Never Saidby feliciaing
❝This is the love I fail to say. One that caused him to go away, for our love was never made to stay.❞ - all of the poems are mine :) #1 in Poetry since 26/05/17 ! Than...
  • relatable
  • lonely
  • sayings
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Poems for No One by Jelaine_Uy
Poems for No Oneby Jelaine_Uy
#1 for 228 CONSECUTIVE DAYS in Poetry from December 4, 2016 to July 20, 2017
  • poetry
  • dark
  • random
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among the gray by catarinehancock
among the grayby catarinehancock
"i think it's time you gave up on him." "i think it's time too. the question is whether or not i can." "why can't you?" i look at his eyes...
  • heartbreak
  • featured
  • freeverse
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Letters To No One ➳ [Poetry] by SissyStuff
Letters To No One ➳ [Poetry]by SissyStuff
❝i've delicately chosen letters to form words and words to form sentences, each sentence a colorful paint stroke on the canvas of my mind.❞ [ #1 in poetry on 27/08/16 ] ...
  • feelings
  • poems
  • life
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Unsaid by its_shivu
Unsaidby its_shivu
'I wanted to speak oceans, but only told you a drop.' (Highest Rank till now: #1 in Poetry!) A short poetry collection of: All those things...
  • sayit
  • betrayal
  • wattys2017
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Broken by Qiffy_
Brokenby Qiffy_
HIGHEST RANKING #4 in poetry TOP 10 FOR 58 DAYS Life is not all smooth sailing. This book contains my emotions, thoughts and some 'short stories' that depict parts of m...
  • help
  • heartbreak
  • gore
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Our Minds Are Fucked by bxaxnxa
Our Minds Are Fuckedby bxaxnxa
I See Humans But No Humanity. Poetry about life. Majority of these poems aren't going to be happy and joyful because everyone isn't like that. We're all going through a...
  • insecurities
  • heart
  • feelings
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• c a c o p h o n y • by Zoovi_TRV
• c a c o p h o n y •by Zoovi_TRV
Highest Rank - #1 in Poetry • ° Cacophony ; a meaningless mixture of sounds ° Here I present, yet another, a messy cluster of my thoughts. Just like what the title mean...
  • quotes
  • pain
  • demons
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Words Left Unsaid by abkdsamantha
Words Left Unsaidby abkdsamantha
Highest ranking: #2 ❤ Crazy minds, twisted stories, broken hearts and crying souls; craved for poems to be read and told ;
  • reality
  • poembook
  • lovestory
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Mentalphorical [Short Poetry] by theACEoverall
Mentalphorical [Short Poetry]by theACEoverall
❝The mind will kill what the heart cannot.❞
  • mentalissue
  • bullying
  • urban
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Serendipity  by acciopositivitae
Serendipity by acciopositivitae
❁ ranked #7 in poetry ❁ somewhat mix of poetry about self love, depression, real beauty, happiness, true love, past mistakes and much more. no it does not rhyme and you...
  • thecosmicawards2018
  • feelings
  • heart
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|Bad| by gashinaxoxo
|Bad|by gashinaxoxo
My mind is dark, intensive and sexual. P.s: This is a mature content, and may get sexual at times. Please read at your own risk. Higest rank #10
  • sexual
  • drugs
  • identity
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Insomnia by leo_robertson
Insomniaby leo_robertson
❝He scribbled stories on his skin, thinking that nobody could hear him.❞ ✗ (Highest Ranking #9 - 13/03/18) poetry & rambles by yours truly © 2018
  • writing
  • heartbreak
  • poetry
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men don't cry [Poetry] by insmniac
men don't cry [Poetry]by insmniac
[H.R. #6 - 7. 3. 18] "we wear our emotions like intricately decorated chains strung around our throats and then tuck them into our shirts" *** i sincerely hope...
  • life
  • poet
  • romance
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Voiceless Thoughts by InvisibleTris
Voiceless Thoughtsby InvisibleTris
Highest ranking: #6 in Poetry on February 17th 2018. Winner of EYHO Poetry Contest. "Every soul has suffered one way or another. It's just a matter of how badly bru...
  • poems
  • dark
  • gemawards2018
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Shades Of Love ➳ [Poetry] by SissyStuff
Shades Of Love ➳ [Poetry]by SissyStuff
❝to love is to enjoy seeing, touching, and sensing with all the senses, as closely as possible, a lovable object which loves in return.❞ [ #1 in poetry on 04/01/18 ] [ C...
  • hope
  • featured
  • poem
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Welcome To The Crow Bar by -_Qrow_Branwen_-
Welcome To The Crow Barby -_Qrow_Branwen_-
•Highest Rank: #17 in Poetry• Welcome Come in and half a drink or 10 with your favourite drunk uncle Qrow Branwen (Just a book of random shit)
  • hummingbird
  • poetryinmotion
  • blacksun
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R.M.B. III (Untold One) by ughacet
R.M.B. III (Untold One)by ughacet
Dear heart, why him? This book is not a story,it is my thoughts that I wanted to be left unsaid.Words that I can't tell him,thoughts about him.....the painful ones. P.S...
  • poetry
  • letter
  • guy
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