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A poem for death trustmeyoureperfect
564K 47.3K
is it still a joke now? oh-dear
2.3M 104K
Short Poems by a Short Girl [watty's 2015] MoreThanMeetsTheSky
876K 42K
BURN (Wattys2015?) broswearcapes
27.8K 4.9K
Sadness Battleswelost
264K 13.6K
Aches (poems) sneha_pandey
18.3K 4K
thoughts nicolegallet
247K 10.5K
Where I Have Been Wandering - collected poetry ShannonKellie
118K 5.2K
Shit I Can't Say Out Loud theTeenNobody
15.8K 1.2K
phobias -aesthetically
5.1K 1.4K
Thoughts katerose14
8.8K 712
The Rain and The Rainbows - Poetry [Wattys2015] AwkwardLlama_1305
18.3K 2.4K
If Only You Knew #Wattys2015 Mystic_Princess07
7.1K 1.1K
Anxiety LittleMissNothing_
91.3K 4.1K
Maybe I'm Insane KaylerrrNicole
208K 8.5K
Is your joke still funny? (Book 1) brokenteensx
27.9K 6.4K
//MANIA// selfdestrvct
9.2K 1.4K
metanoia » poetry. journxl
8.2K 1.1K