Raura;Moving out

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Chapter 83;

Ross's POV

Thank god Laura & Vanessa decided to move in with us . It's going to calm me knowing that Laura is safe in my arms. I just need a plan just incase Anna & her partner decides to hurt my family & I including Laura along with Vanessa . Well their considered family now so that's not a problem .

Riker;Okay so what are we taking out first?

Vanessa;Those boxes right their aren't unpacked so take those .

Ross;Okay Ratliff & Ryland take those

Rydel;I'll go help Laura in her room .

Ross;I wanted to do that *whines*

Rydel;To bad anyways the guys need help cause you guys are still taking out the beds & all that

Ross;True that

Laura;Just go help downstairs Rydel & I will be okay besides Vanessa is going to be across the hall .

Ross;Okay just yell if anything

Rydel;Okay we got it *laughs*

Ross;Alright .

Rydel;So what do you want to pack first ?

Laura;Well let's see...

Rydel;We can start with your frames of your parents .

Laura;Okay wait those are my parents?

Rydel;Yes your mom knows my mom
*stormie walks in*

Stormie;Hey Laura how you feeling?

Laura;better still trying to remember

Stormie;you will soon sweetie just don't pressure yourself.

Laura;Mom I mean Stormie is it true you know this lady which is my mom?

Stormie;*smiles* you can call me mom. yes that beautiful lady is your mom & yes I do know her if your wondering how we went to the same high school .

Laura;Really ?

Stormie;Yes really. start packing now we have a lot to do !

Laura;Okay Rydel let's do this .

*they start putting the frames in the box*

Laura's POV

Looking at these photos reminds me of how my Life is . Now that I think of it my parents are still in NYC wait did I just remember ?? O.O omg I remembered the person that hit me wasn't Adam it was another person . & the partner is Anna. Their still after me .

*Laura , Rydel , & Stormie go

Laura;Ross Adam wasn't the one that hit me . I think it was Joshua

Ross;*eyes widen* you remember now ?


*To be continued*

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