Leave !

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Chapter 354;

Rocky;I'm gonna take a nap

Ross;Dude you just woke up

Rocky;I'm tired try staying up all night & deal with this pain man

Ross;(chuckles) okay . I'll tell the rest . That your gonna take a nap

Rocky;but tell Lilly to come

Ross;Alright I'll see you when you wake up (leaves back to the waiting room)

Vanessa;When are you gonna see about your wedding dress Laura ?

Laura;I can when Rocky comes out because ross is gonna want to take all the guys with him for the tuxedoes .

Riker;I'm looking forward to your guys wedding I don't know why.

Ratliff;I always you knew you guys were meant for each other

Laura;(smiles widely)

Stormie;I can't wait !

Mark;Why did all of you have to grow up so fast ?

Ryland;That's the circle of life . duhh

Lilly;Oh look ross is coming

Ross;hey guys .

Stormie;my oh my you seem very smiley right now

Laura;How'd it go ?

Ross;It went great oh by the way Lilly Rocky wants you to go in the room .

Lilly;Okay guys I'll see you later bye (leaves to Rocky's room)

Vanessa;Bye .

Rydel;Well anyway what did he tell you ?

Ross;To stop blaming myself because it wasn't my fault

Riker;We keep telling you but you don't listen

Rydel;Exactly see

Ratliff;But at least Rocky changed his mind .

Vanessa;When is he gonna come out of here ?

Mark;The doctor told us today in the morning that he's gonna be out of here in a week.

Ryland;Just in time Laura you can see about your wedding the upcoming week when Rocky's out

Ross;What are you guys talking about ?

Vanessa;Your guys wedding


Stormie;So we were saying .

??;(interrupts) hey guys .

Ross;(eyes widen)


??;How are you ? (Smirks)

Ross;I thought you were in ja- (gets cut off)

??;Jail? I was but I'm out already

Ratliff;Just go Anna

??;She's not alone though

Anna;That's right

Rydel;(clings into Ratliff's arm)

Mark;Can you guys leave us alone ?


Joshua;That's right baby .

Vanessa;(shivers) gross

Anna;(chuckles) so we heard what happened to what's his name ? Umm Rocky ?

Ross;Leave !

Ryland;You guys cause a lot of drama to this family !

Joshua;Since when did baby lynch become all feisty ?

Ryland;Shut up before I sock the living shit out of you (about to punch Joshua)

Riker;(holds him back) okay calm down their tiger

Anna;I see you guys had a child ? I thought it was dead .

Laura;(looks down)

Ross;Just leave Anna we have had enough already . theirs too much going on in this family & the last thing we need is you butting in .

Anna;Whatever we'll see you around (winks at him) bye

Joshua;(smirks at rydel) it's good seeing you guys but we're done messing around with you . laters. (leaves with Anna)

Vanessa;I thought our drama was over with them

Mark;I won't let them near any of you incase each one of you watch your family I gotta protect what belongs to me (looks at Stormie)

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